Swaran Ghar 30th August 2022 Written Update: Swaran gives Arjun a reality check

Swaran Ghar 30th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Ajit goes towards wrong table. Arjun gets a call and leaves by that time. Ajit starts fighting with another customer thinking that he is Arjun Deol. Swaran and Manager go there and try to stop Ajit. Swaran says sorry on behalf of Ajit and takes him away. She asks him why he was beating the man. Ajit says that he was mistaken. Swaran asks him to have food and have control over his anger at this age. Ajit asks her to not talk about age. He loves the food. They enjoy the food together.

Bebe tells Indu that she is very happy for Swaran as she went for outing after long time. Indu asks Bebe why Ajit stay at their place all the time, what is his relation with Swaran. Bebe asks her to not bother about her daughter in law and asks her to leave. Indu criticises Bebe for not schooling Swaran. Bebe looses her temper and kicks her out. Ajit asks Swaran to not worry about the bill as he has enough money. He fails to find his wallet and starts searching for it everywhere.

Ajit says that his wallet might got stolen. Manager asks him to not give excuses and pay the bill. He insults Ajit and Swaran. Ajit warns him to not misbehave with him and Swaran. Manager calls them fraud. Ajit gets into a fight with him. Manager threats him to call police. Swaran asks Ajit to keep quiet and let her handle the situation. Swaran checks her purse. As there is shortage of money, she asks the manager to keep her ring, mobile mortgaged till they come and pay the bill.

Manager says that they only accept cash and gears up to call the police. He asks why they have come to a five star hotel when they can’t afford it. Arjun comes and asks the manager to mind his language. Swaran, Ajit see him. Arjun orders to release Ajit. Arjun criticizes the manager for misbehaving with Swaran. Manager complains about Ajit to Arjun. Arjun asks Ajit to control his anger and asks the manager to behave well with the customers. Arjun goes to pay the bill. Ajit says that he doesn’t need any help as he can manage.

Arjun says that he can do this much for friendship. Ajit bluntly says that friendship has nothing to do with money. He says that he brought Swaran there so he will pay the bill not Arjun. Swaran tells Manager that they will pay the bill tomorrow. Arjun tells him that Swaran, Ajit are his friends and they can be trusted. Manager gets convinced. Arjun asks him to say sorry. Manager follows his instructions. Arjun gets a call. He asks if he can give lift to Swaran, Ajit. Ajit says that he has car. Arjun leaves.

Ajit asks Swaran why she is upset. Swaran says that she is irked because of Ajit’s anger since childhood. She criticizes him for misbehaving with Arjun and others. Swaran leaves. Ajit feels bad for not being able to confess his feelings to Swaran yet. Bebe asks Swaran about her outing. Arjun collects Ajit’s wallet from his driver and figures out what happened. He calls Ajit but Ajit cuts his call. He comes to Swaran’s place and give her Ajit’s wallet.

Swaran calls Ajit but fails to connect. She thinks about returning the wallet urgently. Arjun goes with her. Swaran gives him the direction. Arjun tells her about his land case. Swaran thanks Arjun. Arjun says that Jeet would have done the same for him. Swaran asks Arjun why he is calling him Jeet, his name is Ajit Lamba. Arjun stops his car in shock. Swaran tells Arjun everything about Ajit. He recalls their past interactions.

Arjun thinks that they met so many times but could not recognise each other. Ajit recalls Mr. Agarwal’s words and thinks that he won’t spare Arjun Deol. Arjun stops his car infront of Ajit’s dhaba. Ajit spots the car and recognises it as Arjun’s Deol’s car. He comes outside with a stick. Swaran sees him and wonders why he looks so angry. The episode ends.

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