Swaran Ghar 3rd June 2022 Written Update: Nakul turns the table

Swaran Ghar 3rd June 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Bebe going inside Swaran Ghar and looking for Kanwaljeet every where. Swaran’s daughters try to hide Kanwaljeet’s photograph from Bebe. Nimmo, Vikram, Kiran watch the dramma secretly. Bebe goes upstairs to find Kanwaljeet but fails to spot him anywhere. Bebe asks Swaran’s daughters who are they, what they are doing at Swaran Ghar. Bebe sees Kanwaljeet’s photograph with garland. Bebe recalls Kanwaljeet’s words. She breaks into tears. She cries heavily holding Kanwaljeet’s photograph. Bebe asks Swaran who are the girls present there, what they are doing at Swaran Ghar. Bebe asks Swaran if the girls are Swaran’s relatives. Bebe blames Swaran for Kanwaljeet’s death. She says that Swaran might not take care of Kanwaljeet. She accuses Swaran for not taking care of Kanwaljeet’s health properly.

Bebe asks Swaran how she can hide about Kanwaljeet’s death from her. Swaran tells Bebe that she wanted to inform her about Kanwaljeet’s death but Nirmal asked her not to inform Bebe as she got massive heart attacks recently. Bebe doesn’t get convinced. She questions Yug about the same. Yug tries to defend Swaran but Bebe doesn’t listen to him. Vikram comes there with Nimmo and Kiran. Nimmo informs Bebe that Swaran didn’t waited for her sons to do Kanwaljeet’s last rites. She only informed Kanwaljeet’s sons about his death. Vikram says that he has to leave as they don’t live in Swaran Ghar. Vikram informs Bebe that Swaran threw them out of Swaran Ghar. Bebe got angry and questions Swaran that how she can do this with her grandson and keep the girls at Swaran Ghar in place of them.

Nakul arrives at Swaran Ghar. Bebe gets emotional seeing him. Nakul hugs Bebe. Bebe tells that Nakul always tells the truth. She asks Nakul who is at fault. Nakul says that Swaran has gone through a lot. She didn’t find her sons supporting her when she needed them the most. Nakul adds that they were so much occupied in their works so they could not take care of Swaran and Kanwaljeet. They came back to India as soon as they learned about Kanwaljeet’s demise. Swaran feels that they are at faults. He also says that Swaran didn’t waited for them, didn’t let them see Kanwaljeet for the last time, performed Kanwaljeet’s last rites alone.

He adds that Swaran threw them out of Swaran Ghar, converted Swaran Ghar into a working ladies hostel, brought girl tenants to stay at Swaran Ghar. Nakul informs Bebe about Ajit, how Ajit interfered in Swaran and their lives, became their guardian. Nakul says that they had no idea about Ajit before, they were clueless about his existence before. Bebe gets stunned hearing Nakul’s words. Swaran gets shocked aswell. The episode comes to an end.

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