Swaran Ghar 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Yug, Jai seek Chandni’s help

Swaran Ghar 3rd November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Swaran returns home and looks for Balli. She tells Bebe that she is ready to fulfill all the demands of Balli for Nakul’s sake. Bebe informs her that Balli is not at home. Saroj tells Swaran that Balli asked her to prepare the property papers by 6.30 pm otherwise he will go to alcohol shop and drink. Swaran calls Sharvari and asks her to come with car as she has go and find Baljeet. Swaran tries to leave. Saroj asks her to smile as Balli doesn’t like sad face. Swaran prays to God to help her. Yug drives car. He calls Bebe and learns about Swaran’s whereabouts.


A lady stops Yug’s car for lift and asks him to save her from police. Yug refuses to give lift. The lady asks him to consider her as his mother and help her. The lady hides herself inside his car. Police come there and enquire about the lady. Yug learns that the lady is a thief. Police leaves. Yug asks the lady to leave. The lady removes her veil. Yug gets shocked seeing that the lady is Swaran’s look alike. He tells her that he needs her help. He offers her money aswell. The lady misunderstands his intention and tries to leave. Yug asks her name and learns that she is Chandni.

Yug stops her by mentioning police and seeks her help for his mother. Swaran, Sharvari spot Balli at a alcohol shop. Swaran stops Balli from consuming alcohol and requests him not to drink. Swaran requests him to go with her. Balli asks her to find another donor. Swaran informs him about property papers, shows him nameplate but Balli refuses to go. He blames Swaran for the situation as she prayed for Ajit in place of him. Yug takes Chandni to Jai. They take her to Ajit who is in coma. Yug asks Chandni to sit beside Ajit. Chandni touches Ajit’s hand. Ajit starts responding. Doctor checks Ajit and calls it a miracle.

Yug says that it’s all done by Chandni. Doctor asks her to stay with Ajit. Chandni says that she has other works and tries to leave. Yug, Jai manage to stop her. Swaran touches Balli’s feets and begs before him to go with her. Yug, Jai tell Chandni that they need her help badly. Chandni compares Ajit with dead body. Jai loses his calm and asks her leave. Chandni gears up to leave but Yug stops her again. He asks forgiveness from Jai on behalf of Chandni.

Yug says that his mother is in big trouble only she can help her in this situation. Chandni says that she is unable to get anything. Other customers criticize Balli for misbehaving with his wife and treating her like a beggar. Jai asks Yug to release Chandni as she only looks like Swaran but doesn’t have her qualities. One customer snatches Balli’s bottle so that he can’t drink. Swaran keeps requesting Balli to go with her. The episode ends.

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