Swaran Ghar 4th November 2022 Written Update: Balli troubles Swaran

Swaran Ghar 4th November 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, Swaran cries before Balli. Chandni tells Yug that she is thankful to him for saving her from police but she can’t help him. Yug gives her threats to call police. Balli gets convinced and sits in car. Yug says that he will call police if Chandni steps outside. He and Jai tell her that their parents are in trouble only Chandni can help them. Chandni says yes. Vikram goes to Nakul’s cabin in hospital. He cries and says sorry to him. He says that he just wanted to get their house back. Doctor checks Nakul and tells Vikram that they can’t operate Nakul today.

Vikram asks doctor to not worry about money as he will pay the amount. Bebe comes and says that they will pay bill not Vikram. She asks doctor to not interact with Vikram and calls him an outsider. Vikram leaves. Doctor tells Bebe that they have to operate Nakul by tomorrow otherwise it will be too late. Bebe prays to God and asks him to help Swaran. Swaran cleans Nakul’s photoframe and gets emotional. Swaran cries infront of Kanwaljeet’s photograph. Balli comes there and asks her if she is complaining about him. Swaran says no. He forces her to smile. He asks Swaran about Nakul’s favourite dishes and asks her to make those for him.

Yug calls Bebe and informs her that he is at his friend’s place and asks her to not worry for him. Yug tells Jai that he has to brief everything to Chandni and calls her God’s sent for Swaran. Jai agrees with him and says that he has hopes on Chandni. Yug says that she can teach good lesson to Balli. Jai spots Chandni while she tries to run away. Swaran prepares food and calls Balli. Swaran sees that Balli has left a note for her on the dining table.

Swaran reads it and learns that Balli is hiding somewhere in the house. He has asked Swaran to find and feed him before the food turns cold. He has left a hint/puzzle about his whereabouts. Swaran panicks and looks for him. Yug, Jai follow Chandni. Chandni falls while running and spots her poster. Yug says that he can’t let her go for Swaran’s sake. Swaran finally solves the puzzle and finds Balli. She gives him another nameplate Balli likes it this time. He praises Swaran and starts eating.

He finishes eating and wipes hand and face using Swaran’s dupatta. He asks Swaran to keep smiling and goes to sleep. Bebe sees Swaran and cries. Yug calls Chandni heartless unlike Swaran. He tells about Swaran and Ajit to Chandni. Chandni asks him to stop. Bebe calls Yug. She asks Yug to do something immediately as she is unable to see Swaran’s misery anymore. Yug says that he is trying his best. He cuts the call and begs before Chandni for help. Chandni gets convinced. Yug tells her everything that happened with Swaran and Ajit in past few days. Chandni grows curious. The episode ends.

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