Swaran Ghar 5th July 2022 Written Update: Ajit confesses his love for Swaran

Swaran Ghar 5th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Ajit removing his hand from Divya’s head and says that Swaran is his friend. Divya asks him to repeat the same while keeping his hand on her head and having eye contact. Ajit says that Swaran is his dear friend since childhood. Divya asks him to stay as friend only not be her caretaker, not to live at Swaran Ghar. Bebe asks Swaran to change her approach before it’s too late. Vikram and Bebe leave. Divya asks Ajit why Swaran is so important for him that he priorities her more than his own family.

Swaran recalls Bebe’s words. Divya again asks Ajit about his and Swaran’s relation. Ajit says that he loves Swaran. Divya gets dumbstruck. Ajit says that Swaran was, is and will be his love forever. He says that his family is his roots and everything but Swaran makes him feel his soul.

Swaran calls Ajit. She says that she will and have to say something. Divya fears if Swaran will say the same thing to Ajit. Swaran tells that Ajit can’t stay at Swaran Ghar, he has to leave. She says that it’s a matter of right and wrong, him staying here is wrong now. She requests Ajit to leave and leaves from there.

Kiran tells Nakul that she has found buyers for their USA house. She says that Nakul has lost his job and Swaran Nikhar is taking off. Kiran suggests Nakul to keep some ammount in savings and invests the rest in buisness. Nakul agrees with Kiran. Aarav asks Nakul to bring Power Man suite for his birthday. Nakul promises to bring it for Aarav. Nimmo informs Nakul and Kiran that Ajit is leaving Swaran Ghar. Nakul goes to check. Kiran tells Nimmo that their plan worked, Nakul agreed to go to USA. Swaran and Bebe sees that Ajit and Divya are leaving. Nakul, Yug ask why Ajit is leaving.

Swaran says that Ajit should leave now and she doesn’t want people to misunderstand their friendship. Swaran says that their friendship is important for them but their children is most important for them. Ajit asks Swaran is that’s the only reason.

Swaran says yes. Ajit realises that Swaran didn’t overhear his and Divya’s conversation. He thanks God for not losing his friend. Swaran says that Kanwaljeet also considered Ajit as friend that’s why he made Ajit the local guardian in his will. Swaran says that Ajit’s name will be there always just like their friendship will be there in Swaran’s heart.

Ajit says that he will always respect the faith of Swaran and Kanwaljeet and will be there wherever Swaran will need him. Swaran says that she will call him. Swaran cries and leaves. Ajit tells Good bye to Bebe and says that he will return whenever Swaran will need him.

Neelima says that he will miss Ajit. Yug thanks Ajit and promises to stand by Swaran always. Nakul promises the same. Ajit tells Kanwaljeet that he is leaving today but he will keep his promise always. Garland falls from Kanwaljeet’s photograph. Neelima says that Kanwaljeet may not liking that Ajit is leaving.

Bebe fixes it and says that Kanwaljeet wants the same like her. Swaran gives ladoos for Ajit and Divya in container. Divya asks him to leave. Ajit asks Swaran to forgive him if he had ever commited any mistake. Ajit asks Arav to promise that he will be Power Man for his D. Aarav asks Ajit will he attend his birthday tomorrow.

Swaran nods, Ajit says yes. Ajit hugs Aarav. Ajit touches Bebe’s feet. Swaran asks him to take care. Ajit leaves. Ajit thinks that Swaran will stay in his heart forever. Divya thinks that Ajit is thinking about Swaran. Ajit asks Divya to forgive him. The episode ends.

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