Swaran Ghar 6th July 2022 Written Update: Vikram, Kiran fool Swaran

Swaran Ghar 6th July 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Ajit and Divya returning to Jai, Ankita and Dillu. Dillu asks Ajit if he will not be Aarav’s but his badepapa only and will not return to Swaran Ghar. Ajit answers yes. Divya recalls Ajit’s words. Ankita congratulates Divya for her pregnancy. Ajit says that Divya is not pregnant, she was mistaken as doctor gave her someone else’s report. Ajit says that they will discuss good things hereafter. Divya thanks Ajit for not revealing Divya’s truth before the family. Ajit asks her to forget all these as he is there for her always. Ajit gives swear to Divya to not reveal his secret Infront of anyone. Divya hugs Ajit.

Swaran gets to go that both Nakul and Vikram are going away from Swaran Ghar as Nakul going to USA and Yug going to Mumbai for shooting. Nakul proposes to celebrate before they leave. Nakul, Yug, Neelima and Aarav request Swaran to sing a song. On the other hand Dillu asks Ajit to sing Divya’s favourite song. Swaran and Ajit both sing the same song. Both Swaran and Ajit spend quality times with their family while recalling the moments they spent with each other. Sharvari brings cake for Aarav. Swaran says that Aarav will cut the cake with Nakul before he leaves for USA. Aarav praises Swaran. Aarav blows the candle and cuts the cake. Ajit sees Swaran’s face in candle flame and blows it.

Swaran and Ajit take family selfie with their respective families. They send the photos to each other. Yug leaves for Mumbai. Swaran and Bebe bids him bye. Swaran tells Bebe how much Vikram use to love eating curd and sugar in childhood. Swaran goes to check Vikram. Vikram talks to someone over phone. Vikram tells him that he will return his money but not to harm his wife and daughter in USA. Swaran hears it. She asks Vikram what happened. Vikram says that Swaran can’t do anything in this matter and he doesn’t think that Swaran will help him. He also think that Swaran will take Ajit’s advice before helping him. Swaran says that nothing like that will happen.

Ajit says that he had joined a startup as he was not satisfied with his job and invested heavy ammount for it. The start up is running in loss and his partners are threatening him, harrasing Jessica etc. Swaran asks Vikram about the loan amount. Vikram says it’s 35 Lack. Swaran asks Vikram if he can take a loan in India. Vikram says yes if he gets a guranter. Swaran asks if she can become the guranter. She asks Vikram to guide her for the official proceedings. Vikram says that Swaran needs to submit Swaran Ghar’s paper too. Swaran agrees. Vikram hugs Swaran and thanks her. Swaran feeds curd and sugar to Vikram and leaves the room.

Kiran comes out of a hidden place. Vikram and Kiran give hi 5 to each other. They say how they fooled Nakul and Yug to leave Swaran Ghar. Kiran asks Vikram to remember that it’s her and Nimmo’s plan. Vikram says that Ajit left Swaran Ghar because of Bebe and he was the one who brought Bebe. They say that they will convert their success in 100 Percent success on Aarav’s birthday as Swaran has no supporter left at Swaran Ghar. Sharvari asks Ajit if he will come for Aarav’s birthday. Swaran says that she will invite him at his dhaba also discuss Vikram’s matter with him. Sharvari asks if Swaran is sure about becoming the guranter. Swaran says yes and sings a song. Swaran reaches Ajit’s dhaba. She shares Vikram’s matter and asks if Ajit will sign the papers. The episode ends.

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