Swaran Ghar 6th May 2022 Written Update: Vikram meets an eye witness

Swaran Ghar 6th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran telling her daughters that they can’t relaunch the cream as the recipe is unknown to her. She also says that the beauty product business was Kanwaljeet’s dream, he wanted to make the brand word famous so Swaran doesn’t want to spoil its name now. Swaran’s daughters plans to convince Swaran. At night they put up an act before Swaran where Mickey acts as Kanwaljeet and Ambar acts as Swaran. They discuss about the cream. Swaran says that she and Kanwaljeet didn’t use to talk like that. She puts up another act where she plays the roles of Kanwaljeet and herself simultaneously. Swaran gets stuck and Ajit completes her sentence and rename the cream “Swaran Nikhar ” Swaran gets convinced at the end. Ginni gets a message asking her to submit the photograph of her grandparents. Ginni secretly clicks Swaran and Ajit’s photograph and forwards it.

Swaran starts making lists of ingredients required to make the cream with her daughters. Ginni gets message that she has to attach the photograph in her project in physical form. She tries to leave for the stationary shop , Ajit asks her to accompany him as he is going to buy ingredients for the cream. Outside Swaran Ghar, Ginni leaves alone. Ajit hears Vikram’s conversation with cab driver talking about going to Swaran and Ajit’s village. Ajit calls and asks his employee to buy and send the ingredients to Swaran Ghar. Ajit follows Vikram’s cab. Vikram stops her cab Infront of the photo studio. The photograph falls on the road from Vikram’s pocket.

Nakul returns home without any notice. Kiran complains that Nakul has changed like all other husband. Nakul says that Kiran has changed as well. Yug comes to talk to Nakul. Nakul vents his frustration on Yug and Kiran. Later Yug thanks Nakul for coming back. Nakul tells Yug that he will not return to USA. After Yug leaves, Nakul says that he has lost his job so he can’t go back to USA ever. Swaran wishes to check Ginni’s project documents. Ginni stops her from picking the documents. At her room, Ginni pastes the photograph in her project. Swaran comes in her room. Swaran goes to check the project but Neelu informs Swaran about Jai’s arrival. Ginni asks Swaran to check her project papers later.

Ajit sees Vikram’s cab outside the photo studio. He tries to go behind him but stops after getting Swaran’s call. Swaran asks Ajit to come back as Jai has come to meet him. Ajit returns to Swaran Ghar and meets Jai. Jai informs Ajit that Divya will be back in few days. She won’t spare Jai and Ankita if she gets to know about Ajit’s departure. Jai asks Ajit to return to his home. Ajit says that he and Divya obey every word of each other, she will understand her father’s situation. After Jai departs, Swaran asks Ajit to leave. At the photo studio, a person recognises Ajit and Swaran seeing the photograph. He says that he was an eye witness of that incident. Vikram thinks that Swaran and Ajit might got married that day. The episode ends.

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