Swaran Ghar 7th March 2022 Written Update: A Shocker for Swaran

Swaran Ghar 7th March 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kanwaljeet welcomes Swaran’s friends at Swaran Ghar and informs them about his and Swaran’s 30th anniversary party. Swaran tries to convince Kanwaljeet not to arrange party in these critical circumstances but he doesn’t listen to her. Swaran friends asks her not to take stress for the party as they will handle it well. In New York, Nakul and Vikram play tennis. Nimmo informs Kiran about the Anniversary party at Swaran Ghar. Kiran calls Swaran and Kanwaljeet dramebaaz for crying in phone call and preparing for Anniversary party at the same time. Vikram tells Nakul that he is not able to concentrate in Tennis because of his guilt as he neither gonna send Air Tickets nor Injection cost to Swaran. Nakul says he is not going to take any action until any trace of Yug is found. Vikram asks Nakul what he is going to say to Swaran. Nakul says he will give excuse of Visa issues.

Swaran shows Kanwaljeet a old saree which she will wear on the party. Kanwaljeet asks why she is not buying a new saree! Swaran says that it was gifted by Kanwaljeet after his retirement when all 3 sons came home for the last time. Kanwaljeet remembers the incident where he was called a thief by their 3 sons. Vikram blames Kanwaljeet for his and Nakul’s financial crisis at present as Kanwaljeet did not give them their full share.

Kiran says Nimmo that she won’t let Swaran and Kanwaljeet come to their place. Kanwaljeet notices that Swaran’s gold bangles are missing and asks Swaran about them. Swaran tells that she sent them to Jeweller for better fitting. Kanwaljeet also asks about Swaran’s diabetes medicine on which she gives excuse of cutting of Sugar totally. Swaran gifts Kanwaljeet the cufflings which makes him emotional for not able to gift her anything for the first time. Swaran says he already gave her the best gift in form of their 3 sons and Swaran Ghar which is her 4th son. Yug calls Nakul.

Vikram and Nakul ask him to return the 5 Lac rupees. Yug informs them that he was in hospital as some goons beat him and snatched his money. Nimmo asks Kiran to influence Nakul to sell Swaran Ghar and get her 5/6 crore rupees share. Kiran’s says Nakul won’t agree then Nimmo tells her to convince Vikram. Kiran tells Vikram about the plan of selling Swaran Ghar to end their financial crisis. Swaran tells Kanwaljeet how much she is attached to their house.

It’s Anniversary day. Swaran remembers her journey from a young bride to a mother. Doctor calls Swaran and asks about the injection. Swaran tells that they are going to America for Kanwaljeet’s treatment. Nellu breaks the family frame by mistake which upsets Swaran. Property agent comes at Swaran Ghar. Swaran asks for Air Tickets thinking him as travel agent. The agent tells that he has come to sell the house as her sons asked him. Swaran gets furious and asks him to leave Swaran Ghar. Kanwaljeet asks Swaran about the price of Swaran Ghar told by the Agent. Swaran scolds Neelu for telling everything to Kanwaljeet.

She believes that her sons are innocent in this Matter. She tells Kanwaljeet about calling them before the Anniversary party. Kanwaljeet calls his lawyer and asks to send the property papers immediately. Swaran dolls up for the party, her friends praise her. Vikram calls Swaran and lashes out at her for misbehaving with the property agent. Swaran gets shock of her life knowing that the property agent was send by none other than her son, Vikram.

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