Swaran Ghar 8th November 2022 Written Update: Swaran meets Ajit

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In today’s episode, Yug asks Chandni to go inside and take Swaran’s place. Swaran opens the door and asks him who he is talking to. Yug says that he was talking over phone. Swaran hugs him and enquires about Ajit. Chandni sees Swaran. Balli comes downstairs and asks Swaran what she is doing there. Chandni sees Balli. Swaran gets scared. Yug says that Swaran has come to open gate for him. Swaran nods. Chandni plans to teach lesson to Balli. Balli asks Yug if he is hiding someone and goes to check.

Chandni hides herself before Balli spots her. Balli asks Yug what’s the matter. Yug says that he has come to inform Swaran about his film. Balli believes him and asks him to leave. Yug wishes to talk alone with Swaran. Balli looks at Swaran. Swaran says that she doesn’t want to talk and bids bye to Yug. Balli closes the door and asks Yug to not visit like this. Yug wonders about Chandni’s whereabouts. Swaran talks about Yug’s visit with Bebe. Bebe asks her to not worry and concentrate on Nakul’s surgery.

Bebe secretly spikes Swaran’s milk as per Yug’s instructions. She makes Swaran drink that milk. Swaran cries for Nakul, Bebe comforts her. At hospital, Balli asks Swaran to unbotton his sleeves. Swaran does that. Vikram comes there. Balli praises and hugs him. Kiran brings Nakul there on wheelchair. Nakul says sorry to Swaran for not being able to do anything for her ever. Swaran asks him to not say all these. Nakul cries. Swaran consoles him. Vikram asks Swaran to sign on property papers. Swaran signs on them.

Nakul praises her. Swaran hugs him and asks him to take care of his health. Balli mocks their emotions. He says that after operation he wants Swaran along with Swaran Ghar. Nurse calls him inside for surgery. Balli asks Swaran to hug him. Swaran hugs him and makes annoying faces. She winks at Yug. It gets clear that she is Chandni not Swaran. Swaran wakes up at Swaran Ghar and worries for Nakul’s surgery. Chandni thinks about her sign as Swaran on property papers and enjoys.

Swaran gets ready to leave for hospital and looks for Balli. Neelima informs someone about Swaran. Swaran sits in taxi and leaves for hospital. She calls Yug. Yug says that surgery is going on. Swaran enquires about property papers. Yug says that he has signed on them and cuts the call. Saroj asks Swaran aka Chandni to bring 20000 rupees for her as she wants to go for shopping.

Chandni tells Yug and Bebe that she will handle Saroj’s matter and leaves from there. Swaran recalls Yug’s words and gets clueless. She finds out that Jai is driving the taxi. Jai asks her to have faith in him as everything will be fine soon. He asks her to go with him. Swaran looks confused. He takes Swaran to Ajit. Swaran gets emotional seeing Ajit in coma. She cries holding Ajit. The episode ends.

In today’s episode, Yug tells Chandni how Swaran had to marry Balli to save Nakul’s life. He informs her how Balli even tried to kill Ajit at hospital but Jai saved Ajit. He asked Jai to exit from their life with Ajit. Jai got convinced to save Ajit’s life. Balli also asked Jai to do a work for him. Later, he gave Swaran Jai’s letter where he talked about going away from Swaran’s life with his father. Jai tells Chandni that he was left with no choice other than writing that letter as nothing is more important for him than his father’s life. He says if Ajit ever knows about that letter he will never forgive Jai, will hate him too.

Chandni gets impressed after learning about Ajit’s love for Swaran. She asks who is this Balli and calls him a monster. She gives Yug her knife to handover it to Swaran and kill Balli. Yug says that Swaran can’t do that as Nakul’s life is in Balli’s hand. Swaran prays to God for Nakul. Yug asks Chandni to go to Swaran Ghar with him. He says that first they have to see if Balli donate liver to Nakul or not. Balli comes to Swaran with a glass of water. He asks Swaran to drink the water. Swaran says that the water is not clean.

Balli grows furious and throws away the glass. He lashes out at Swaran for giving him dirty water when he is donating his liver to Nakul. Swaran apologies to him and gives him fresh water. She asks him to step carefully as there is water on the floor. Balli flirts with Swaran and takes his medicine. He asks Swaran to smile. Swaran smiles and wishes him good night. Balli calls him Balli ki Billo and leaves. Yug tells Chandni that he wants Swaran to get her self respect back and wishes to take take revenge from Balli.

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