Swaran Ghar 9th August 2022 Written Update: Swaran receives 10000 rupees prize money

Swaran Ghar 9th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

In today’s episode, the kidnappers laugh at Swaran. Swaran recalls everything they did to Aarav. She picks up a tin container and tries to hit them. Ajit beats a kidnapper badly and releases Arjun from the clutches of another kidnapper. Arjun thanks Ajit. Kidnappers keep laughing at Swaran. She throws a pipe at the kidnapper and tries to run away. Swaran locks herself in a car while the kidnappers try to break it’s door. Swaran chants Satnaam Baheguru. Swaran thinks that she knows that she can’t drive car but kidnappers don’t know that. She tries to recall the driving Sharvari once tried to teach her. Swaran takes God’s name and starts the car. She hits the kidnappers.

A kidnapper goes to kill Ajit but Arjun comes at his rescue. Ajit calls Arjun his friend. A kidnapper drags Swaran out of the car. He dumps Swaran’s head in packet of vermilion. Later he notices that bunch of people are arriving on bikes. Police arrive and catch the kidnappers.

Sharvari says that one kidnapper is missing. Police say that these kidnappers became their headache, have 10000 rupees prize money on their names. Arjun says that the one who found them deserves the prize money. Ajit asks where is Aarav’s D, if she is in danger. Arjun proposes to go and search her. He asks for any photo of her. Sharvari says yes and goes to show Swaran’s photograph to him.

They hear Aarav’s voice and sees that Swaran’s face is coloured in vermilion and she has captured and dragging a kidnapper inside. Swaran announces that Women specially mothers are not weak. Challenging a mother means challenging the God. Mata Rani herself comes inside the mother and destroys the evil as nothing is more important for a mother than her child.

Arjun leaves. Sharvari praises Swaran. Kiran tells Nakul that she needs 1 crore rupees in video call. Nakul says that he is arranging the money. Doorbell rings. Vikram opens the door and spots Aarav with Sharvari. Kiran runs and hugs Aarav. Vikram informs Nakul that Aarav is found. Nakul feels at ease after seeing and talking to Aarav.

Nimmo asks Sharvari who rescued Aarav. Sharvari says that Swaran fought with the kidnappers by keeping her life at stake and saved Aarav. Vikram asks where is Swaran. Sharvari says that she is outside. Vikram comes outside with Aarav. Vikram asks Swaran to come inside as it’s her House. Swaran says that it’s not her house as she doesn’t need invitation to enter her own house.

Kiran, Nimmo and Sharvari come there. Aarav asks Swaran to not leave and stay with him. Swaran says that she and Aarav reside in each other’s hearts. Swaran tells Aarav that he has everyone with him still if he feels scared he should chant Satnaam Baheguru. Aarav sleeps in Swaran’s arms. Nimmo asks Vikram to take him inside. Kiran, Nimmo also go inside.

Swaran gets emotional seeing Swaran Ghar and goes to leave. Ajit stops her and gives her the 10000 rupees prize money. Swaran says that Yug needed 10000, she will send the anmount to him. Sharvari gets astonished seeing that Swaran is still prioritising her sons before herself. Arjun recalls Swaran’s words. Rajeshwari Complains about him for not showing up at meeting. She says that she doesn’t care she just wants Arjun to meet Mayra Sharma. Arjun recalls the lady in the portrait.

Swaran worries as she sees fifteen missed calls from Bebe. She calls Disha Travels and learns from the guard that the job was nothing but scam. Swaran thanks God for saving her again and again. Sharvari assures Swaran that she will get a job. Swaran reach home and gets nervous seeing crowd. Later she gets relaxed seeing Bebe teaching traditional cooking to the local ladies. Bebe tells Swaran that she wants to help her financially. Ajit recalls Aarav seeing Dillu. He says that he will take care of him always. The episode ends.

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