Swaran Ghar 9th May 2022 Written Update: Divya returns home, tries to contact Ajit

Swaran Ghar 9th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Swaran packing the cream bottles and putting them in cartoon to display at Ginni’s stall the next day. Swaran does mistake while counting. Ajit comes and rectify her mistake. Swaran and Ajit has a cute banter. Divya returns home, meet Jai and Ankita. Divya enquires about Ajit. Ankita tells Divya that Ajit is at dhaba for work. Ajit sees Swaran sleeping in the sofa while sitting. Ajit keeps pillow under Swaran’s head and covers her with a shawl. Divya insists about going to the dhaba and meeting Ajit. Jai and Ankita try to convince her to wait till morning but fails. Divya reaches the dhaba with Jai. Divya innterogates Ajit’s employee regarding Ajit’s whereabouts. Jai signals him to lie. The employee says that Ajit went to buy onions for dhaba.


Vikram tells Nimmo and Kiran that Mr. Sunny is an eyewitness of that incident. Swaran and Ajit had a flight while choosing the varmala. Vikram calls Nakul who sounds frustrated and cuts the call abruptly. Nakul consumes alcohol in isolation. Vikram says that he always felt that Swaran and Kanwaljeet are made for each other. Whatever they tried to project before the world was false but this evidence has shook his believe. Nimmo asks Vikram not to be emotional and focus on achieving the target i.e Swaran Ghar and properties. Vikram says that he needs time to digest everything and leaves. Kiran received Ambar’s voice note. Kiran and Nimmo get to know that Swaran and daughters and going to put stall in Ginni’s school and Swaran is going as Ginni’s grandmother. Nimmo plans to spill the beans to spoil Swaran and Ginni’s relationship.

Next morning, Ajit gruads Swaran from the sunrays and avoids making sounds while having tea so that Swaran’s sleep doesn’t get distributed. Swaran wakes up and sees that someone has finished her half done work of packing the cream bottles. Swaran scolds Ajit for helping her as she is capable of doing everything alone. Ajit’s calls Swaran’s daughter as they have to leave for Ginni’s school soon. Divya enters Ajit’s room and fails to find his belongings there. Divya gets furious and confronts Jai and Ankita. She asks them if there was some tension between them and her father, if Ajit left house etc. She calls Ajit to get answers of her questions. Ajit’s phone keeps ringing on the table.

Mickey says that she has forgotten to do Ginni’s french braid. Ginni shows her french braid to everyone and signals at Ajit. Ajit says that Divya taught him to do this hairstyles and he use to apply it on her. Everyone look impressed. Ginni recalls the message and asks Ajit to accompany them. Swaran tries to object but Ajit convinces her. Nehmat tells Swaran that she can’t join them due to a case. Swaran calls her sister in law. Swaran informs her that she is going to relaunch Kanwaljeet’s beauty products business and wishes to take mother in law’s blessings before starting the new venture. Swaran sister in law informs Swaran that Kanwaljeet’s mother is gets not aware of her son’s demise and she fears that she may get second attack if she gets to know about her son’s death. Swaran’s sister in law praises Swaran and wishes her good luck for her new venture. Swaran and her daughters reach Ginni’s school. The teacher enquires about their stall. Swaran explains her about the product and their business. Ajit says that he runs dhaba. The teacher looks impressed. Swaran says that Mr. Bedi was very talented. The teacher nods hinting at Ajit. Nimmo and Kiran reach Ginni’s school and sees Ginni’s registration form. She says that she will expose Swaran’s truth Infront of everyone. The episode ends.

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