Swaran Ghar: Swaran to miss Ajit!

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Swaran Ghar depicts the emotional turmoil and rollercoaster journey of an aged widow mother Swaran on ColorsTV and voot app. Currently we are seeing that Swaran cries for Vikram. Arjun asks Swaran to contact him whenever she needs help.

Swaran agrees. Ajit overhears their conversation and feels bad. Swaran returns to work. Ajit learns that Swaran is at Arjun’s cabin since half an hour and feels insecure.

In the previous episode, Vikram asked Swaran to reconsider her decision. Police forcefully took him away from her. Ajit felt helpless for not being able to go infront of Swaran. Arjun said sorry to Swaran for bringing Vikram there. He said that he would arrange Vikram’s bail whenever Swaran would ask him for it.

He asked Swaran to contact him whenever she need help. Swaran agreed which made Ajit upset. Kiran manipulated Nakul and made him leave for Swaran Ghar with her and Aarav. Ajit returned home and felt ignored there. He worried for Swaran.

Swaran returned to work. Arjun got shocked seeing her and asked her to meet him at his cabin. He asked her for Vikram’s bail again. Swaran said no until Vikram realise his mistakes and apologise to the victims.

Dillu asked Ajit to call Swaran and talk to her. Ajit called Swaran. Mallika picked up the call and informed him that Swaran was busy with Arjun since last half an hour.

In the upcoming episode, Swaran recalls Ajit and misses him in her difficult time. Arjun’s aunt meets Bebe and gives proposal of Swaran and Arjun’s marriage. Bebe gets shocked. Ajit overhears the conversation.

What will be Bebe’s reaction? Will she agree for Swaran, Arjun’s marriage? Will Ajit move on? Will Swaran learn about Arjun and Sapna’s connection?

To know stay tuned to Swaran Ghar on ColorsTV/Voot app and this space.