Swaran Ghar Weekly Update: Ajit battles for his life.

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ColorsTV’s recently launched show Swaran Ghar currently focuses on blast at Ajit’s dhaba and he going into coma. Swaran prays for his life. Her voice helps Ajit to come out of coma. Swaran faints and is laid beside Ajit in the same ambulance.

We have seen, throughout the previous week,
Divya approaches Swaran and wishes her happy birthday. Divya gives Swaran the kheer she brought for Ajit. Swaran accepts it. Divya says sorry to Swaran for her behaviour of the previous day. Swaran thanks Divya and asks her to stay. Divya says that she can’t as her mother in law has kept bhandara at home. Swaran asks Divya to say sorry to Ajit before leaving. Divya says sorry to Ajit. Ajit hugs Divya. Divya informs Ajit about the bhandara at her in law’s house and asks Ajit to deliver food from his dhaba. Divya asks Ajit to attend the bhandara before 8 pm. Ajit agrees. Divya leaves. Ajit thinks that he will handle bhandara and Swaran’s birthday both. Swaran pays the first installment of the necklace she kept mortgaged. Ajit sees Swaran outside jewellery shop and recalls about the necklace. Swaran returns home, Ajit wishes her, Swaran’s daughters give her surprises. Aarav comes in and wishes Swaran. Nakul, Yug enters after him and wishes Swaran happy birthday. Swaran hugs them. Vikram informs Kiran that food and safety department will close Ajit’s dhaba and he will reveal Swaran and Ajit’s photograph at the birthday party. Ajit informs Swaran that Yug has helped him with the preparations. Ajit sings the song that Kanwaljeet use to sing for Swaran. Ajit gift the necklace to Swaran which was Swaran kept mortgaged earlier. Swaran stands up and halts the celebration.

Swaran gets her sister in law Nirmal’s call. Nirmal wishes her happy birthday. mother in law/ Bebe comes in and wishes Swaran. She enquires about Kanwaljeet and wishes to talk to him. Yug says that Kanwaljeet went outside. Bebe says it’s impossible for Kanwaljeet to stay outside on Swaran’s birthday. She enquires about Swaran’s necklace. Yug gives her the necklace, Swaran shows it to Bebe. Bebe asks Swaran to call Kanwaljeet and make her wear it. Ajit comes in wearing Kanwaljeet’s shawl and make Swaran wear the necklace. Neelu says that she thought if Ajit wear Kanwaljeet’s shawl, he will look like Kanwaljeet. Swaran gets agitated and says that Ajit can’t look like Kanwaljeet. She asks everyone not to disturb her and let her stay alone for a while. Swaran asks Neelu to take back the shawl and leaves. Food and safety officers reaches Ajit’s dhaba to seal it. Swaran rebukes Ajit for trying to occupy Kanwaljeet’s place. Swaran asks Ajit to leave and says that she may not see his face ever in life. Swaran takes the shawl from Ajit’s hand and leaves. Ajit gets a phonecall. His employee informs him about dhaba getting sealed and asks him to come over immediately.

Ajit says that he has done mistake by crossing the limit and everything was his fault only. The officers ask the customers to leave as they have come to seal the dhaba. Vikram communicates about the situation to Kiran and Nimmo. He says that he will leave for Swaran Ghar as soon as Ajit reaches the dhaba. Aarav asks Swaran to cut the cake. Swaran says that she will cut the cake and go to gurudwar with Aarav as Kanwaljeet use to take her there every year. Aarav asks if Ajit will accompany them. Swaran says no, only she and Kanwaljeet will go there. Aarav says that Kanwaljeet has become star. Swaran tells Aarav that Kanwaljeet stays in her heart. She asks Aarav to go to gurudwar with her so that he can feel Kanwaljeet’s presence too. Ajit reaches the dhaba. He questions the officers about the raid as he has licence and followed all the rules, regulations. The officers tells Ajit to question the enquiring committee as they gave the order. Ajit gets Divya’s call and tells her that he is coming. He goes inside the dhaba ignoring the orders of the officer. Swaran goes to cut the cake. Ambar asks to wait for Ajit. Swaran says that Ajit won’t come. Vikram and Kiran come in and wish happy birthday to Swaran. They ask her to cut the cake so that they can give a special gift to Swaran. Ajit packs food for bhandara and blast happens there. Swaran burns her fingers at the same time while blowing a candle. Vikram and Kiran give Swaran a gift. Swaran opens the gift card where Swaran and Ajit’s photo was hidden. She was about to see the photo but Ambar announces about the blast. Swaran drops the card and rushes for the dhaba. Swaran reaches the dhaba with her daughters. She gets to know that Ajit is inside. Swaran forcefully enters the dhaba and searches for Ajit in every corner. Swaran spots Ajit under the debris.

Yug comes there and helps Swaran and girls to take Ajit to the ambulance. Swaran is told that only one family member can accompany Ajit. Divya blocks her way. She announces that only a family member will go not any outsider. Swaran says that she won’t go to hospital but somewhere else where she use to go every year with Kanwaljeet, that’s gurudwar. At Gurudwar Swaran prays to save Ajit’s life. Swaran says that she did a mistake by saying Ajit that she won’t see his face ever in life. She says that she is taking her words back. Swaran does heavy works of gurudwar to punish herself. Divya asks nurse what happened to Ajit. She says patient got cardiac arrest.  Sharvari communicates about the situation to Swaran. Swaran ties a knot in her duppata and prays for Ajit’s life. Ajit responds to the shock. Sharvari calls Swaran and informs that Ajit is out of danger and operation was successful. Swaran reaches the hospital. Swaran asks doctor about Ajit’s condition. Doctor says that it’s miraculous that Ajit survived but he went to comma due to heavy injury on head, they have to keep his under observation for next 12 hours. Divya comes there, bashes Swaran and asks her to leave. Ankita says sorry to Swaran. Swaran gives her the prasad. Sukhi tells everyone that the Kada which Swaran gave earlier has saved Ajit’s life today. Swaran tells Sharvari that Ajit has helped her always directly or indirectly. She says why she should stay in the hospital and trouble his children when she can’t help Ajit anyway. Swaran returns home and keeps herself busy in household work to pass the time. Kiran calls Ambar and asks her to make Ajit hear Swaran’s voice. Ambar agrees and tells the plan before others at Swaran Ghar. Everyone approved the plan.

Ambar disguises herself as nurse and enters Ajit’s cabin. Ambar makes him hear the voice note that Swaran recorded earlier. Ajit starts responding, opens his eyes and takes Swaran’s name. Divya comes in. Ambar asks her to inform others. Ambar clicks Ajit’s photo and leaves. Neelu informs the same to Swaran. Swaran thanks God and says that she will go to gurudwar before going to hospital. Swaran decides to untie the knot in her duppata the day when she will see him safe and sound before her eyes. Ashu meets Ambar and asks for Ambar’s phone to call Kiran. Ambar gives him her phone. Ashu points at Swaran and asks Ambar to attend her. Ashu secretly sends Swaran’s voice note to Kiran from Ambar’s phone. Swaran thanks almighty for listening to her prayers. Swaran spots Yug sitting beside her. She informs him about Ajit. Yug says how Swaran panicked yesterday, she might gone through the same during Kanwaljeet’s time, she might felt equally helpless when her three sons didn’t pick her calls. Yug cries, kisses Swaran’s hand and says her sorry. Yug says that yesterday he felt that Swaran and Ajit are really close to each other. Like Swaran he also didn’t like how Ajit acted as Kanwaljeet yesterday. Yug asks Swaran who is Ajit. Swaran replies ‘ childhood friend ‘, who grew up, played, fought, did everything together. Swaran says that she will tell everything truthfully to Yug. Nakul rebukes Vikram for his conspiracy against Ajit. Nakul says that Vikram could go to jail if anything happened to Ajit. Nakul hits Vikram. Vikram gets agitated as Nakul compares him to murderers. Mickey comes in and treats Nakul’s wound. She says that Nakul is venting his frustration and asks him to inform about his job to Kiran. Nakul inquiries about Swaran. Mickey says that she is fine. Nakul thanks Mickey for the bandage. Swaran tells Yug how she use to put bandage on Ajit’s wounds using her duppata, how Ajit use to make Swaran laugh, how they use to stand by each other, how she use to help Ajit in home science classes. Swaran says that they were true friends and Kanwaljeet knew everything about them. Ajit enquires about Swaran. Jai says that she didn’t come. Yug asks Swaran if Ajit can take Kanwaljeet’s place. Swaran says Never. Yug feels at ease, Swaran hugs him. Yug promises that he won’t let anything bad happen to Swaran. Nurse informs Ajit’s family that his condition is getting worse. Swaran feels uneasy and worries for Ajit. She prays to God for him. Doctor says that Ajit’s heartbeat is sinking, they have to shift him. Swaran walks barefoot in baheguru’s procession. Ajit is being shifted. Swaran prays for Ajit and faints on the road. Swaran is taken to Ajit’s ambulance. Swaran is being laid beside Ajit. Swaran’s dupatta touches Ajit. Nurse says that Ajit’s heartbeat becomes stable suddenly.

Will Swaran get to see Ajit? Will Ajit feel Swaran’s presence around him? Will Divya tolorate Swaran? Will Kiran keep quiet after getting the voice note?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.