Swaran Ghar Weekly Update: Ajit protects Swaran.

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ColorsTV’s popular show Swaran Ghar currently focuses on Ajit coming to Swaran’s rescue and stopping her from getting arrested. Swaran gets Vikram arrested. Bua meets Bebe and asks for Swaran’s hand. Ajit gets heartbroken.

We have seen through out the previous week that police forcefully takes Nakul to the police station. Swaran rushes to the police station with Sharvari. Vikram hides himself and observes everything from a distance. He calls someone and asks him to bring something. Jai hears news about Swaran Nikhar’s scam. Ajit hears Swaran’s name from his room and asks Jai what happened.

Jai says that he was talking to Ankita about Swaran. Ajit worries for Swaran. Two ladies who suffered due to Swaran Nikhar, lash out at Swaran. Swaran feels sorry for them and gears up to heal their allergy using cold water and turmeric powder. A constable brings a file there.

The inspector stops Swaran and arrests her as she is the managing director of Swaran Nikhar company. Vikram thinks that Swaran had to pay this price to save him. Ajit arrives at the police station. Bebe and Nillu come there and sit for hunger strike.

Ajit says that Swaran is no more the owner and she has no connection with the company. He says that when Swaran left her house, he published news in all leading newspapers that Swaran is no longer the owner of Swaran Nikhar. Ajit tells Bebe that Kanwaljeet gave Swaran’s responsibilities to him and he knew that such situations may occur as Swaran’s sons are worthless. Bebe praises him.

Inspector asks Ajit to show the news articles. Ajit shows them to him. Swaran’s lawyer submits the official documents. Police leave Swaran. She requests to release Nakul too. Police says that they can release Nakul only if the ladies withdraw their case. Swaran requests to the ladies.

They ask if Swaran can apply the cream on her face. Swaran gears up to apply the cream. The ladies stop her and withdraw the case for Swaran. Nakul comes out of jail. Swaran goes to talk to Ajit. Ajit says that he only fulfilled his duties and no matter what he will always be there for Swaran. 

Bebe takes life from Ajit to reach Gurudwar. Swaran and Bebe apologize to the ladies. Swaran promises to make the remedial cream. Aarav becomes happy seeing Nakul. Sharvari gives the credit to Swaran and Ajit. Aarav praises Ajit. Swaran gears up to make the remedial cream and says that she will find out Vikram.

Arjun tries to contact Ajit and Swaran to tell them that Rajeshwari got convinced for his and Swaran’s marriage. He finalises a simple ring with AS written on it for Swaran. Bebe takes Ajit to Verma jewelers to buy ring for Swaran. Ajit tries to escape.

Bebe says that Swaran needs him and they should live a respectful life together as husband and wife. Ajit gets convinced and they select a similar ring for Swaran. Bebe asks Ajit to talk to his children as she will talk to Nakul. Swaran makes the cream with Sharvari and Nillu.

 At Ajit’s house, Divya’s in-laws come to meet Ajit. Jai tells them that Ajit is sick and taking rest inside. Ajit arrives from outside. They criticize Jai, Divya. Divya lash out at Ajit for giving more importance to Swaran than them. Jai becomes upset with him aswell. Bebe returns, Swaran asks her about Ajit. Bebe says that he has left.

Swaran misses Ajit. Bebe learns about Nakul and Kiran’s thoughts regarding old age marriage and gets disappointed. Swaran’s lawyer arrives at Arjun’s radio station to collect official documents of Swaran’s appointment as the receptionist there. Arjun learns about Swaran’s crisis from her.

He asks Rajeshwari if she is truly happy about his and Swaran’s marriage. Rajeshwari says no. Arjun calls Ajit and asks him why Swaran or Ajit didn’t inform him anything. Ajit says that he also didn’t know anything and learned about the matter seeing news. Bebe meets Ajit and informs him that it’s useless to talk to Swaran’s children.

Ajit informs her about Jai and Divya. Bebe suggests him to convince Swaran first. Later, She asks Ajit to not meet Swaran for a week so that Swaran misses him. Ajit spots Arjun’s car on the way. Arjun goes to Swaran’s place and meets her. Arjun brings Vikram there. Flashback shows that Vikram requested Arjun to protect him from the police as Swaran saved Arjun’s life twice in past.

Vikram hugs Swaran, accepts his mistakes and asks Swaran to forgive him. Swaran calls the police and asks them to arrest Vikram. Vikram criticizes Swaran and tounge lashes her.

Bebe supports Swaran. Vikram gets aggressive but Arjun protects Swaran from his warth. Vikram warns Swaran that she will regret for this. Police take him out forcefully. Ajit feels helpless for not being able to comfort Swaran. Arjun says sorry to Swaran.

Swaran says that he did right. He says if Swaran wants he can help Vikram to come out of jail. He asks Swaran to promise that she will call him whenever she will need anything. Swaran makes the promise. Ajit overhears the entire conversation and feels bad. Swaran cries for Vikram.

Kiran manipulates Nakul and leaves for Swaran Ghar with him and Aarav. Arjun, Bua and Rajeshwari discuss about the marriage and Swaran’s family. Arjun, Bua praise Swaran while Rajeshwari criticizes her. Bua says that she wants the marriage soon and will talk to Bebe. Swaran comes office.

Arjun gets shocked and asks her to come to his cabin. Ajit grows concerned for Swaran. Dillu asks him to talk to her. Arjun asks her for Vikram’s bail. Swaran says no until Vikram realise his mistakes and apologises to the ladies. Ajit talks to Mallika and learns that Swaran is busy with Arjun since last half an hour. Ajit feels that Swaran doesn’t need him anymore.

Arjun asks Swaran to eat something. Swaran refuses the offer. Ajit arrives at Swaran’s place and meets Bebe. He says that he is worried for Swaran and has brought mitti churi for her. He tells Bebe that he may not hold importance in Swaran’s life anymore.

Bebe asks Ajit to not give up on Swaran and try to convince her for the marriage. She assures him that Swaran will eventually agree for the marriage. Ajit gets convinced and leaves. Arjun, Bua come to Swaran’s place. Bua asks for Swaran’s hand from Bebe. Ajit arrives there to collect his wallet.

He and Bebe get shocked hearing the proposal. Bebe doesn’t give them any words and says Swaran will take the decision. Swaran comes home and asks about Ajit. She gets confused seeing Arjun and Bua there. Arjun says that Bua wanted to meet Bebe so he brought her here.

Bua kisses Swaran’s forehead and gives her blessings. Swaran gets clueless. Bua convinces Swaran to go on a coffee date with Arjun. Arjun, Bua leave. Swaran tells Bebe that she is planning to meet Ajit and asks for Bebe’s thoughts.

Bebe says that what she thinks is not important but what Swaran thinks does matter. Swaran wonders what Bebe meant. Ajit compares himself with Arjun and feels hopeless. However he refuses to give up this time.

Will Swaran learn about Arjun’s proposal? Will she agree for the marriage? Will Ajit’s dream get shattered? Will Vikram take revenge from Swaran?

All of these questions will be addressed in future episodes.