Swaran Ghar Weekly Update: Swaran and Bebe leave Swaran Ghar.

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ColorsTV’s popular show Swaran Ghar currently focuses on Swaran saving Arjun back to back. Ajit looks for Swaran everywhere. Arjun tries to meet and thank her.

We have seen through out the previous week, Swaran states that Vikram has made Swaran Ghar his own. Flashback shows that Swaran overheard Kiran and Nimmo’s conversation about property papers. Bebe asks for an explanation. Vikram tells Bebe that Kanwaljeet has made a stranger Ajit their guardian by mentioning him in his will, he just took his rights back from him.

Kiran tells Bebe that she and Vikram has converted Swaran Ghar in their names. Bebe asks Swaran when she signed, if she signed wishfully. Swaran says yes but on loan papers not on house papers. Bebe questions Vikram for cheating Swaran and changing the papers.

Bebe tells Vikram that Kanwaljeet was known for his golden heart and honestly, Swaran is a pure hearted woman so from where Vikram learned this cheating and dishonesty. Vikram says from her. He and Kiran reminds her about her conspiracy with Divya.

Bebe says that she did all these to remove Ajit and betterment of Swaran Ghar.  Mr. Kapil who gives Ajit the notice to evacuate the land of his dhaba asks him to go to register’s office to take stay order as office will close in half an hour. Ajit tells Dillu that they can’t go for Aarav’s birthday but will take him another day.

Bebe says that Vikram has break the house unlike her. Vikram objects and says that only they got the ownership but all will stay together at Swaran Ghar. Kiran tells that Swaran can stay at Swaran Ghar. Aarav asks if Swaran and Vikram are still fighting.

Vikram asks Swaran to stay normal for Aarav. He asks Aarav to open his gifts with Swaran. Swaran gets emotional thinking about Swaran Ghar. Swaran goes upstairs. Ajit collides with Arjun Deol on his way.

He gets the stay order and notices Swaran and Sharvari’s missed calls. Ajit worries for Swaran. Swaran packs her luggage and comes downstairs. 

Aarav asks Swaran where she is going. Swaran says that she doesn’t know, she only knows that she has to go. Vikram blocks her way and says that he didn’t ask her to leave. Swaran says that Vikram didn’t ask for many things still she understood them.

Vikram asks if Swaran is doing all these drammas to make them feel low and he would not let her leave. She asks why she can’t follow her heart unlike Vikram. Vikram asks if they could stay at Kanwaljeet’s or Swaran’s house till date then why can’t Swaran stay at his and Kiran’s house.

Swaran says that earlier it was house unlike now and if he care so much about Swaran’s stay he could never do this conspiracy. Vikram asks Swaran where she will go. Swaran asks him not to worry for that, she and Kanwaljeet will take care of it.

Swaran picks Kanwaljeet’s photograph and says that she is taking some clothes and these photographs along with her. Kiran blames Swaran for doing overacting and says that she will defame her and Vikram Infront of the neighbors. 

Swaran says that she regrets for snatching Nakul and Yug’s rights unknowingly. Kiran asks her not to worry for Nakul. Swaran asks if they have delibaretly sent him and Yug away. She tells that Vikram and Kiran has done a lot to achieve Swaran Ghar, she won’t let them down. 

Bebe tells that Swaran won’t go alone, she will accompany her. Bebe says that she wants to repent for her wrongdoings and her home is where her son and daughter-in-law will live. Vikram tries to object. Swaran takes Bebe’s bag and leaves the house.

Sharvari requests Swaran to stay at her house. Neelima asks Swaran to stay back. Swaran says that her self respect won’t let her stay at or near Swaran Ghar. She will return with her head held high.

Nimmo removes the board of Swaran Ghar and breaks it Infront of Swaran and Bebe. Swaran takes vow to take Swaran Ghar back and put the nameplate again. Ajit reaches Swaran Ghar by scooter. He sees the broken board of Swaran Ghar.

Vikram misbehaves with Ajit and stops him from going inside. Ajit reminds him that he is the guardian of Swaran Ghar. Vikram shows him the new property papers. Aarav comes in and informs Ajit that Swaran and Bebe had left the house. 

Vikram kicks Ajit out of Swaran Ghar and shuts the door on his face. Bebe says that she can’t walk more. Swaran asks her to hold Kanwaljeet’s photograph to gain some strength.

Bebe returns Swaran the photograph and says that she doesn’t need anything when she is with her daughter in law. Bebe praises Swaran’s strong headness.
They decide to stay at the Gurudwar for the night. Arjun Deol, the industrialist calls Ajit while driving his car.

His car hits Bebe and Swaran and collides with a tree. Swaran finds Arjun in a heavily injured condition. Swaran and Bebe take him to the nearby MG hospital. Ajit calls Swaran but Swaran doesn’t see her phone.

Doctor checks Arjun and says that he needs a MRI. Nurse asks Swaran to complete the formalities and deposit an ammount. Swaran tells Bebe that they need to deposit 20000 rupees for Arjun’s treatment. Bebe says it’s a big ammount and asks Swaran to wait for his family members to arrive.

Swaran says that as of now the man doesn’t have anyone except she and Bebe. Bebe says that they don’t have any shelter how can they help someone else. Swaran says that when God has given them the opportunity to become someone’s support then there must be something special in them. 

Bebe asks Swaran if she can withdraw the money from ATM. Swaran asks her not worry and shows her the money after withdrawing it from the ATM. Ajit goes to check every Gurudwar for Swaran and Bebe.

He spots Arjun’s car near Gurudwar and learns from the police that two women and a man was involved in accident. Ajit calls Swaran again but her phone rings in the bushes near the accident spot.

Ajit informs Sharvari about the incident. She suggests Ajit to enquire at nearly MG hospital. Ajit goes to the hospital and learns that only a man got into accident not any woman. Ajit gets relieved and thanks the God. Ajit fails to spot Swaran and Bebe there.

Swaran notices that her phone is missing. Bebe says that Swaran’s phone may fell at the accident spot. Ajit goes to check nearby bus stop and gets into a verbal spat with a person who passes bad comments for Swaran. Ajit beats him badly. Police comes at the spot.

Swaran thinks about contacting Ajit. She calls him from hospital’s phone. Ajit notices an incoming call on his phone and assumes it as Swaran’s call. He begs the police man to return his phone for answering Swaran’s call but the police man cuts the call.

Ajit is put behind the bars. He worries for Swaran and Bebe. He asks forgiveness from Kanwaljeet’s soul for not able to protect Swaran. A firecracker enters in Arjun’s cabin and the equipments catch fire. Swaran goes inside, tries to wake Arjun up.

She recalls how Ajit unlocked a wheelchair once, she also unlocks the wheels of Arjun’s bed and brings him outside. Swaran starts panicking and crying. Bebe consoles Swaran and praises her courage. Aarav asks who will take him to his school’s picnic the next day.

Nimmo says that she will take him. Kiran informs her that the picnic will start at 7 am. Vikram gets Nakul’s call. Nakul informs Vikram that he will return after few days. Nakul enquires about Swaran. Vikram says that Swaran is sleeping.

Vikram informs Nakul that Swaran misses him a lot as he is Swaran’s favourite son. Nakul tells Vikram how Swaran use to cry everytime Vikram use to go to USA. Vikram thinks that he never wanted or asked Swaran to leave, she left because she wanted it. Next morning, Nimmo, Kiran don’t wake up from sleep.

Neelima comes for work and finds that none is up. She feels that Swaran Ghar doesn’t look like a home with out Swaran. Bebe praises Swaran Infront of the hospital staffs. Arjun’s sister arrives at the hospital and look for the person who brought Arjun there.

She questions Swaran for bringing Arjun to a government hospital instead of private hospital. Swaran says that for her saving Arjun’s life at that critical time was more important than caring about hospital’s status. Arjun’s sister offers money to Swaran which Swaran takes. She mocks Swaran for being money minded like others. 

Swaran takes 20000 rupees from the anmount offered by Arjun’s sister and returns the rest. Swaran says that she only paid this amount for admitting Arjun in this hospital. Arjun’s sister asks Swaran to keep the rest ammount as reward.

Swaran says that she doesn’t need reward as it was her responsibility to help an injured person. Divya releases Ajit from the jail. Ajit gets his phone back and notices that there is no missed calls from Swaran and worries for her.

After gaining consciousness Arjun recalls about Swaran. Nurse informs Arjun that he is quite lucky as a lady has saved his life twice yesterday. Arjun asks about her. Nurse says that they had left. Divya criticizes him for neglecting his self respect, family etc for Swaran.

Someone calls and informs Ajit that Swaran’s phone was found near Tilak road. Ajit says that he will go and collect it. Ajit asks Divya to leave and have faith in him. Ajit collects Swaran’s phone. Aarav cries as he misses his school picnic.

Kiran says that Aarav could never miss the picnic if Swaran was here. Vikram asks them not to shout as he wants peace in his house. Kiran reminds him that she own half of Swaran Ghar. They realise that Neelima left as none opened the door for her.

 Vikram tells Kiran that he will sell his portion and returns to USA as soon as possible. Nimmo asks Kiran to handle Vikram. Arjun spots Swaran and Bebe on the way. He stops the car and gets down. He get up on a running bus assuming that Swaran is inside.

Arjun fails to spot Swaran in the bus and gets down. Ajit also gets up in the same bus and enquires about Swaran. Swaran and Bebe get into a auto. Arjun spots her again. Bebe asks Swaran where they will go.

Swaran says that she knows it and gives direction to the auto driver. Arjun thinks that he can’t let Swaran go like this as she has saved his life.

Ajit thinks that he will find Swaran anyhow. Arjun tells his sister that he wants to say thanks to Swaran. She enquires about Ajit’s land and asks Arjun to send goons. Arjun says that he will take back that land legally.

Can Nimmo and Kiran change Vikram’s mind? Will Arjun meet Swaran? Will Ajit trace Swaran and Bebe? Will Arjun and Ajit cross paths?

All of these questions will be addressed in future episodes.