Swaran Ghar Weekly Update: Swaran learns Ajit’s feelings.

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ColorsTV’s popular show Swaran Ghar currently focuses on Swaran learning about Ajit’s feeling for her. She goes to Kasauli with Ajit and Arjun. Ajit falls sick after returning from Kasauli. Swaran’s childern land in trouble due to selling defective cream.

We have seen through out the previous week,
Bebe asks Swaran to think again as Kanwaljeet gave her responsibilities to Ajit. According to her a man cannot take an woman’s responsibility unless he has any right. Swaran says that Ajit has rights as friend. Bebe says that Swaran needs a partner more than a friend.

Swaran says that her whole life is dedicated to her sons and Kanwaljeet. Bebe asks her to look at her empty hands and accept Ajit who can fight with the whole world for her. Swaran says that whatever Ajit does for her is just for the promise he made to Kanwaljeet.

She says sorry to Ajit for Bebe’s demand and asks him to make Bebe understand. Arjun asks Rajeshwari why she called Gulabo multiple times. Rajeshwari blames Swaran for Arjun’s changed manner and asks what she means to him. Arjun keeps asking the same question.

Rajeshwari gives an excuse. Ajit doesn’t say anything. Swaran gets agitated and gives him her swear. Ajit keeps silent and removes his hand from Swaran’s head. Bebe tells Swaran that Ajit’s silence is saying that he likes her. 

Swaran gets speechless. Rajeshwari blames Swaran for her and Arjun’s changed equation. Swaran says that Ajit has cheated her. She accuses him for spoiling their friendship and trying to take Kanwaljeet’s place. She asks him to leave as she doesn’t want to see his face. She pushes him out in rain.

Arjun checks Swaran’s video and thinks that he has fallen for her. He plans to visit his uncle and aunt at Kasauli and take Swaran with him. He thinks if his aunt approve Swaran he will convince Rajeshwari for the marriage.

He calls Ajit and asks him to join the trip as he needs Ajit’s expertise for a project. He comes at Swaran’s place and asks Swaran to go with him for office work. Swaran spots Ajit inside the car and wishes to not go with them. Arjun convinces Swaran somehow.

Swaran tries her best to ignore Ajit. Ajit tries to talk to Swaran directly and indirectly. She says sorry to Swaran and asks her to forgive him. Swaran doesn’t pay attention to him. They reach Kasauli. Arjun aunt asks if Swaran, Ajit are husband and wife. Arjun calls them just friends.

Swaran enquires him about work. Arjun says that he has buisness meeting with Ajit. Arjun asks Ajit to take charge of his resort at Kasauli as his partner. Ajit says that he runs a small dhaba, can’t handle big buisness. Arjun asks Swaran to convince Ajit and says that it’s her task.

Ajit goes to talk to Swaran. Swaran questions him for keeping quiet infront of Bebe. Ajit says that he kept silent as could not lie. Swaran asks him to not snatch their friendship from her. 

Arjun’s aunt asks Arjun if he likes Swaran. Arjun asks her how she got to know about his feelings for Swaran. She says that she knows Arjun since childhood and she has seen love for Swaran in Arjun’s eyes. She calls Goldie and Swaran a perfect match.

Swaran asks Ajit to be happy with their friendship and to not hope for anything more. Arjun’s aunt spots Swaran and Ajit together. She tells Arjun that she feels Ajit has feelings for Swaran. Arjun says that Swaran and Ajit are childhood friends.

Nakul, Vikram, Kiran, Nimmo get invited for a wedding of aged couple at Gurudwar. They mock the bride groom. Sharvari takes stand for the new weds and says that there is no right age for getting married, one can marry to get a companion and not to raise kids. Swaran asks Ajit to forget all these otherwise she start hating him.

Ajit says that he believes that Swaran can never hate him. Arjun sees them together. Arjun asks Ajit to become his partner and convert his dhaba into a resort. Ajit says that he doesn’t understand buisness. Arjun asks Swaran to convince Ajit.

Swaran says that Ajit should do what his mind and heart will ask him to do. Ajit rejects the buisness proposal. Arjun asks Ajit if everything is fine between him and Swaran as Swaran looks upset with Ajit. Ajit says that everything is fine.

Arjun says that this project was his dream for Ajit which Ajit just broke. He asks if Swaran has broken Ajit’s dream. Arjun asks if Ajit and Swaran never fell in love with each other. Ajit says that he and Swaran are childhood friends only.

Swaran, Ajit and Arjun got stuck in Kasauli due to heavy rainfall and landslides. Arjun calls her and Ajit for borne fire. Arjun’s aunt asks him if Arjun has asked about Swaran and Ajit’s relation. Arjun says that Swaran and Ajit are only friends.

Aunt says that she is worried for Arjun, what if Swaran says no. Arjun asks her to not worry as he will convince Swaran. He asks his aunt to convince Rajeshwari for the marriage. Vikram gets Principal’s call and learns that customers are having allergy after using Swaran Nikhar cream.

Nakul criticizes Vikram, Kiran and Nimmo for compromising with the quality of Swaran Nikhar. Arjun, Ajit sit by the borne fire along with other tourists of the resort. Swaran serves tea to Ajit. Ajit gives the tea to Arjun. Someone plays RJ Tanha’s show.

The radio starts having some issues, Arjun completes Tanha’s lines. Everyone get shocked seeing RJ Tanha among them. Nakul calls some customers to enquire about their experience with Swaran Nikhar cream.

Nakul says that they should take Swaran’s suggestions to deal with the allergy issues. Kiran says that it’s their responsibility and they should handle it by themselves. After borne fire, Swaran goes to sleep. Ajit, Arjun get drunk and discuss about love.

Ajit asks Arjun to tell his lover’s name. Arjun tries to take Swaran’s name but gets interrupted by his aunt. Ajit sleeps outside in cold. Swaran worries for him and gives him her shawl. Some ladies arrive at Swaran Ghar and forcefully tries to apply Swaran Nikhar cream on Kiran and Nimmo.

Principal wishes to return the creams to Vikram. Next day, Arjun drops Swaran and Ajit at Swaran’s place. Ajit tries to leave immediately. Swaran asks him why he is behaving weirdly with her, if she can’t even express her feelings to him. Ajit says no, only he doesn’t have right to convey his feelings. 

Swaran coming back home from her trip. Bebe asks her why Ajit didn’t come to meet her on his way back. Jay calls Bebe and says that Ajit is having high fever since he has returned from the trip. Bebe asks Swaran to forget everything and now go to check Ajit first. Swaran, Bebe reach Ajit’s place.

Dillu brings the confession card which Ajit had made years back. Swaran reads it and is shocked. Even Bebe reads and tells Swaran that he has expressed his feelings well. Bebe assures Swaran that Ajit won’t take Kanwal’s place. Swaran goes inside room to meet Ajit.

He is unconscious and doesn’t respond. Swaran tells him that she wants to fight with him and he needs to get well for that. His fingers show little movement. Swaran gets call from Nakul who keeps crying saying he hasn’t done anything.

Swaran learns about the scam they have done with cream which led to skin allergy of lots of people. Nakul and Kiran cry and tell it was Vikram’s idea and he is innocent. Swaran asks him to tell what they did. Nakul tells about using fake saffron instead of real one.

She scolds him for spoiling their family name. She tries to call Vikram but he isn’t reachable. Swaran tells Nakul they should go and ask forgiveness from ones who have suffered and surrender to police. Police reach Swaran’s house and forcefully take Nakul to jail.

What will Swaran do? Will Ajit become normal with her? Will Arjun learn about Swaran’s crisis? Will he come to Swaran’s rescue?

All of these questions will be addressed in future episodes.