July 18, 2019
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Tag : Gathbandhan upcoming twists

Buzzing Hot Colors Gathbandhan TV

Mai’s plan backfires in Gathbandhan!

Tanisha Chitransh
Next in colors TV Gathbandhan, Raghu will get a shock instead of Dhanak. In the episodes it is seen, Mai asked goons to kidnap Dhanak
Buzzing Hot Colors Gathbandhan TV

Dhanak gets jealous seeing Maya and Raghu together: Gathbandhan

Tanisha Chitransh
Next in Colors TV Gathbandhan Raghu will spend time with Maya and Dhanak will be hurt seeing them together. So far in the episodes it
Buzzing Hot Colors Gathbandhan TV

Dhanak tries to convince Raghu: Gathbandhan

Tanisha Chitransh
Colors TV Gathbandhan is witnessing high voltage drama after Dhanak arrests Raghu and his family and they were found not-guilty. Dhanak after the incident apologizes
Buzzing Hot Colors Gathbandhan

Mai to get arrested in Gathbandhan?

TeamTelly Express
Undoubtedly this show has one of the cutest and unique love stories currently between the leads. Colors show Gatbandhan is a story about two people