Tamizhum Saraswathiyum: Tamizh announces a shocking news

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Vijay Television’s popular daily soap, Tamizhum Saraswathiyum, is gearing up for more drama with Kodhai and Natesan learning that Ragini isn’t at home.

Previously, it was seen that Tamizh and Namatchi try to find in which hospital Ragini took Arjun. They enquire about it in the nearby hospitals. Tamizh phones Saraswathi and tells her the same. At the hospital, Ragini and Arjun has an emotional talk. Ragini decides to marry Arjun immediately. Meanwhile, at Kodhai’s house, everyone will be preparing for the engagement ceremony.

As Tamizh asked Saraswathi not to tell anyone in the family about Ragini missing, Saraswathi lies to everyone that she is in her room when they ask where Ragini is. However Saraswathi can’t hide this for long.

Saraswathi is forced to tell that Ragini is missing when Kodhai and Natesan go to Saraswathi’s room to bring Ragini down. Kodhai and Natesan are stunned to know that Ragini left the house last night itself.

In today’s episode, it will be seen that Saraswathi explains to Kodhai and Natesan that a heartbroken Arjun consumed poison and knowing this Ragini left the house to save him. She adds that Tamizh learned that Ragini took Arjun to an hospital and checking in all the nearby hospitals.

Kodhai is shocked to know this and worries what to answer Chandrakala and the guests if they ask about Ragini. Saraswathi assures Kodhai and Natesan that Tamizh will find Ragini and will bring her home. On the other hand, Tamizh and Namatchi enquire the auto driver who dropped off Ragini and Arjun at the temple and are shocked to know that Ragini and Arjun planned to get married.

Tamizh rushed to that temple and learned that Ragini and Arjun left and concluded they got married. Here, Chandrakala goes to bring Ragini and gets furious not finding her in the room.

Chandrakala asks Kodhai where Ragini is. Kodhai cries unable to answer her. Just then Tamizh arrives there and tells that it seemed that Ragini and Arjun got married in the temple. Kodhai is shattered to hear this while everyone stood stunned.

What will Kodhai do now? Will she accept Ragini and Arjun’s marriage?

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