Tantra to see a witness a major sacrifice! Niyati next in line? 

Tantra to see a witness a major sacrifice! Niyati next in line?
Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s supernatural family drama, Tantra has reached its peak with a major revelation coming its way during a course of the upcoming week.
Tantra will now see the protagonist Sargun Kaur on the line of losing her life to save her family.
The supernatural  thriller that revolves around a family witnessing the wrath of black magic spell by an old enemy & the fight of the members to freed themselves from it. The show went on air late last year & gained momentum gradually with its interesting take on cult practices & an ensemble cast. A recent addition to the family was Dr. Ved Thapar who recently entered their lives as God-sent & helps Niyati find her way to overcome the evil powers. This week is power-packed with an edge of the seat story-line.
A source close to the show adds, ‘Niyati returned from Tantra gaon with Guruji who has armed her with a route to fight against the Tantra of the house. It is a matter of 7 kaali raatein, if she manages to neutralize the Tantra in next 7 nights, the Tantra will be nullified & her family saved. If she doesn’t they all die. But either way she has to sacrifice her life to save her family.’
The viewers sure are left with many questions following this major breakthrough point on the show, ‘Will Niyati fight her own sister Kanchan to save Prithvi Khanna & his family? As Sumati Khanna doubts her intentions & deeds & hates Niyati, find out that what she is actually doing will save her life? Akshat is falling in love with her & unaware that these might be the last moments of Niyati’s life.?”
Questions are many, only time will tell what’s in store for the Khanna family. Will the Tantra of the house win or the Mantra of the Guruji? It only gets exciting1 Watch this space for more!