Tara From Satara 10th January 2020 Written Update: SHATRU PRETENDS TO REGRET OF HAVING BETRAYED SACHIN

The episode starts with Shatru saying that the performance was not so bad. The judge from audience says that he picked up the wrong number by mistake and shows a 9. Tara and Arjun get 25 points so they win the face-off. Everybody claps for them. However a person has to be eliminated and Gurpreet’s elimination is announced. Tara feels really bad.

Later Tara goes to Gurpreet and hugs her. Gurpreet says that this is the format of the show so someone had to leave. Gurpreet gets her boyfriend’s call and he says that it’s good that she got eliminated so now they can get married. Gurpreet tells him that he doesn’t want to marry him and asks him not to call her again ever. Gurpreet cuts the call and takes out the sim from her mobile. She thanks Tara for encouraging her from getting out of such a toxic relation since she was inspired from her only after seeing her facing the challenge so bravely. Gurpreet leaves. Tara wonders where Arjun is.

On the other hand Ajji is looking for Tara and bumps into Arjun. She asks him about Tara but he doesn’t know so Ajji goes to look for Tara somewhere else.

Shatru comes to talk with Tara and compliments her for her performance. He says that Sachin Mane must be very proud of her. Tara realizes that Shatru got to know about her. Shatru says that Sachin was a very good friend of him. Tara bashes him for betraying his friend. Shatru replies that he has realized his mistake of betraying his friend who was like a brother to him and says that he wants to apologize. He tells Tara that when he got to know that she is Sachin’s daughter he thought that he can reach Sachin through her. He kneels down and asks her forgiveness offering her to become her mentor. Tara asks him to reveal his truth to the world if he wants her to forgive him. Shatru says that he will tell the truth only when she will win Dancer Number 1 and that day he will come on the stage and reveal everything. Tara says that it is impossible for her to win the show. Shatru says that the upcoming rounds are going to be based on audience polls and Sachin’s daughter must know very well how to conquer people’s hearts. Ajji comes and asks him not to take Sachin’s name. Shatru apologizes from her too and leaves. Ajji tells Tara to stay away from Shatru since she still doesn’t trust her. Shatru looks at them and thinks that he will get Tara out of the industry and this time he will insult Sachin more through his daughter.

Later Ajji asks Tara not to trust Shatru and remembers what he did with Sachin. She says that if he really regretted why he has been silent for 15 years. Amukh agrees with her. Tara says that he might not have had the courage. Amukh agrees with her too and Tara scolds him for not having a clear stand. Later Tara’s friends come to compliment with her about her performance. Tara asks them about Arjun and they tell her that he must be at home. Tara wonders why Arjun disappeared after the show.

Arjun’sAai is coughing and Arjun asks her why she is working so much and she must take care of her health too. His Aai says that she will stop working once he becomes a big star and asks him to keep dancing. Tara comes at her house to thank him for dancing with her. Arjun doesn’t treat her well and asks her to leave. Tara asks her why they can’t be friends but Arjun just shuts the door on her face. Arjun’sAai asks him to take care of his friends too. Arjun says that friends are just an obstacle on his way to success.

Later Tara is sitting outside and crying. Amukh comes and asks her why she is so upset after rocking on the stage. Tara tells him that she went to meet Arjun to thank her but she felt very bad when he didn’t treat her. Amukh asks her to forget it. Tara says that he felt bad for her father.

Sarita comes back home and Sachin says that today for the first time she hid something from him to watch Tara’s performance. Sarita says that she supports him and her daughters too.

Amukh asks Tara if Arjun said something about Sachin. Tara says that she is feeling so bad that Arjun is not properly talking to her so Sachin must have been broken after Shatru’s betrayal. Amukh asks Tara if she really feels that Shatru regrets betraying Sachin. Tara looks down.

Episode ends

Precap: Tara tells Amukh that she just doesn’t want to be eliminated. Sachin says that he want Tara to get eliminated and come back. Tara says that she wants to shout Shatru’s truth to the world. Shatru calls Rahul and asks him if he knows what he has to do with Tara. Rahul says yes.