Tara From Satara 30th January 2020 Written Update: Shatru gets to know that Sachin is in Mumbai

The episode starts with Shatru asking Arjun what is wrong with Tara since she doesn’t seem concentrating on rehearsal after semi-finale and he says that he wants to know that because he wants to help her if there is something wrong with her. Arjun says that he isn’t corrupted like him. Shatru gets angry and threatens him to not let him even walk into the industry. Arjun says that he will show him that he is capable of walking and dancing in the industry. Shatru is impressed by his attitude and says that they are very similar to each other. He tells Arjun that he is misunderstanding him as he just wants Tara to win the finale since he has seen her hardwork and he has worked on her a lot too. Arjun asks him to take care of Tara by himself since he is his mentor. He leaves. Shatru wonders what is wrong with Arjun as he could have simply refused the money instead of replying him like this.

Radhika asks Tara, TJ and Divya to take a break since they have been dancing since morning and enjoy their dance instead. She tells them that she has prepared a medley of songs on which they can dance choosing their favorite dance form. Shatru comes and looks at them. Radhika plays the medley. Divya starts dancing on “Sun Saathya”; then TJ dances. Radhika does Kathak. Tara starts dancing on “BalamPichkari” and mixes Kathak with it. Shatru glares at her. Everybody claps for her at the end. Shatru compliments her for the perfect move but takes a wrong name of the move which Tara corrects. Shatru wonders how she learnt all this in a week.

Later Amukh enters in Shatru’s room as he called him there. Shatru scolds him because there is a lot of dirt in the room. Amukh says that he will call someone to clean all that but Shatru asks him to clean it himself or else he will talk to R.T. and get him fired. Amukh doesn’t want to argue with him so he places his notes and phone on the table and starts cleaning.

Sarita talks with Tara on the phone and asks her how rehearsal is going on. Tara says that she gets tired a lot but she is happy that her father is training her. Sarita tells her that Chinu is praising her a lot since when she came to know why she is participating in Dancer Number One. Tara asks them to come and witness her victory moment in the finale.

Shatru calls Sachin thinking that he got this number by manipulating Amukh so now he has to pick up his call. Sachin picks up his call and Shatru changes his voice telling him that he wants her daughter to get admission in his school but Sachin reveals him that he is in Mumbai now so the school is closed. They cut the call. Shatru says that Sachin broke his promise for his daughter and is back in Mumbai. He calls someone.

Sarita asks Tara if she is really so confident of winning and Tara replies that his confidence comes from her father. Sarita promises Tara that they will be in the finale for her. Tara gets happy.

Shatru receives a call from Vicky Ahuja’s office telling him that he is going to get lifetime achievement award which their chairman Vicky Ahuja will give with his hands during Dancer Number One finale.

Arjun’s mother gives vadapav made by her to everybody and Tara compliments her. Sachin comes and asks Tara to start dancing. He puts music on and Tara starts dancing but just then police come. The officer is the one whom Shatru had called. He asks them to stop playing music and dancing since it is not allowed after 10.00pm. Tara requests him to let them practice but the officer refuses to listen to her. However, all the people of the neighborhood takes a stand for Tara and the officer gets convinced to leave and let them practice.

The neighborhood people say that tonight they will watch Tara’s dance too. Sachin asks Tara and Radhika to do a dance face off and asks Tara to think that it’s the finale and she has to compete against her sister.

Tara and Radhika dances on “Chogada Tara”. At the end Radhika stops and Tara keeps dancing. Everybody claps for her. Sachin tells Tara that she has won. Radhika hugs her and cries apologizing to her for misunderstanding always and behaving wrongly with her when she should have trusted her more than herself. Tara says that she has learnt everything from her only so she doesn’t need to apologize.

Sachin takes Tara in the corner and compliments with her. Tara says that Radhika is a trained dancer and this time it was just her luck that cooperated. Sachin says that he can do a lot if she puts her heart into it and also says that he is proud that he has conquered everybody’s heart which he could see when the neighborhood people stood up for her in front of police.

They go inside their house and sees that Shatru is there looking at the photo frames on the wall. Sachin asks him if he is remembering his sins and says that he can remind him some of them if he has forgotten them.

Episode ends

Precap: Sachin tells Shatru that the time of making him pay has come. Shatru says that if he means that Tara will make him pay he is wrong because Tara can’t do anything. Tara says that she has already done everything. Reporters come inside and start questioning Shatru.