Tara From Satara 6th January 2020 Written Update: A NEW CHALLENGE FOR TARA

The episode starts with the host saying that everybody performed really great so it looks like there won’t be any elimination but the judge announce that Kriti has been eliminated. Then they announce top 3 and Arjun is on umber three while Tara is on number two. Everybody cheers for Tara. Sachin doesn’t look happy when he gets the news though.

Amukh asks Tara to hurry up. Tara asks him to leave. Arjun comes and congratulates Tara. The latter congratulates Arjun too but he isn’t happy for coming on third spot. Tara says that they are friends so she is happy for her. Arjun says that they aren’t friends since they are enemies but Tara tells him that she has seen him clapping for her. Arjun says that he just faked like everybody else and tells her that nobody here is her friend. Tara says that now they are competitors then and she promises him that she won’t let him come ahead from her ever.

Later Tara videocallsSarita who compliments with her and asks her if Radhika helped her too since she is a coach there. Tara gets upset recalling Radhika telling her that she won’t help her as a coach or as elder sister. She asks Sarita if she liked her dance. Sarita recalls Sachin breaking the TV but lies to Tara that everybody liked her performance. She asks Tara about Radhika. Tara and Amukh exchanges looks and then Tara tells Sarita that she is busy with other contestants. Sarita and Tara cut the call.

The next morning Amukh wakes up and tells Tara that he dreamt that she was getting Oscar. Tara says that Oscar is only for actors not for dancers. Amukh sits next to her and tells her that every dream can come true if she comes first in the competition and that is possible only if she gets a good coach. Tara thinks about his father and how he used to train him in the childhood and wishes to get a coach like him. She gets thoughtful.

Later Tara is seen doing her math homework. She recalls Arjun’s advice and solves the problem. She looks at Arjun and remembers how he used to help her before unlike now. She is upset and thinks she has to focus a lot if she wants to make her father proud. She goes to stand next to the other contestants of Dance number 1 who are rehearsing and wonders how a competition turned a friend into an enemy. Just then Shatru the judge enters and tells the contestants that he is here to challenge them since he isn’t an ordinary judge who will just sit and give them scores for their performances. He tells them about the street dancers who dance just under the street lamps unlike the contestants who have all the help from the crew of the show who give them special effects and also cover their mistakes. The judge says that they will have to match the street dancers’ level, the Rowdy Kings, and if they do any mistake it won’t be good for them. He says that they will have to challenge the Rowdy Kings but not on the stage but on the street where he started his journey. Tara gets tensed recalling the past moments, how his father was upset when she joined the competition remembering his struggling days and people calling him loser.

Episode ends

Precap: Shartughan introduces Tara to his partner for the challenge and she doesn’t like it. She tells Amukh that if she wins the competition she will reveal Shartughan’s truth to everybody.