The episode starts with Shatru asking the competitors to have pizza and once everybody took their slice he introduced them to their respective partners asking them to look at who is sitting near them. Tara looks at Arjun but then Shatru asks them to look at their right side and there is Rahul sitting next to Tara. Rahul and Tara look at each other and aren’t clearly happy with the fact that they are going to be partners.

Arjun asks Shatru what is going to be the dance form they are going to perfom and he tells them that it’s going to be freestyle. He suggests them to choose the dance form carefully since it should suit both the partners. He then ask Radhika to help them. Before leaving, Shatru goes to talk with Tara and asks her if she will be able to do it. Tara says that she will try.

Shatru asks her not to think much about it or else she will fail for sure, she better start doing it. He says that she remembers her about someone who used to think about it and talk a lot with big words through which he used to persuade everybody but now nobody knows where he is. Tara says that there must be something special in him that he remembers him so well and one day even the world will recognize him.

Shatru asks her why she is supporting him since she doesn’t even know him. Tara tries replying him but he cuts her saying that she should stop thinking and talking and do something after getting such a big opportunity despite coming from a small town. He walks away but glares at Tara before leaving. Then he leaves. Tara is tensed.

Later Tara and Rahul are rehearsing and argue since Tara wants to do a dance form that could make people want to dance as well but Rahul says that he can’t do her kind of dance since he has a whole different style. He asks her not to teach him just because she came in top 3 and leaves from there. Radhika comes to Tara and taunts her saying that she already made her partner run away. She reminds Tara that the worst dancer will get eliminated first. Amukh goes to Tara after Radhika leaves and asks her not to take her words seriously. She asks him not to say anything against her sister.

Amukh asks her to concentrate on her practice and Tara thinks that she has to talk with Rahul.
Rahul stops Shatru and asks him to change his partner since he isn’t happy with Tara but Shatru says that Tara came in top 3 so she is a good dancer only. Rahul keeps insisting that he wants to change partner since there is no match between him and Tara from Satara.

Hearing “Tara from Satara” Rahul starts thinking. He looks at Tara who came there and overheard the conversation. Then he leaves in his car. Rahul is frustrated.
Rahul goes to Tara and takes a selfie pretending to be happy.

Shatru is in his car and recalls Tara praising the man he was talking about who is none other than Sachin. He recalls his struggling days with Sachin who always used to have the limelight.

Tara tells Amukh that she decided that if she gets eliminated in the next round she will reveal Shatru’s whole truth to the world. Amukh asks her how but even she doesn’t know.

Shatru asks the host to send Tara’s detail via email to him but he says that it’s against the law so he can’t.
Amukh asks Tara not to worry since she is going to win only but she replies that she can’t trust Rahul. She says that she has to reveal Shatru’s truth at any cost.

The host of the show suggests Shatru to talk with Radhika who is Tara’s sister only.
Chiku comes to call Sarita to watch Tara’s performance without letting Sachin know anything about it though.
The host welcomes the judges on the stage as the new episode of dancer number 1 starts. Tara is tensed. Shatru gives a speech.

Rowdy Knights start dancing and give their performance.
The judges announce that today they won’t judge the competitors since 3 lucky people from audience will give scores only. Tara is extremely worried and recalls Rahul and Radhika’s words.
Episode ends

Precap: the competitors give their performance. Tara looks at them all nervous. Shatru asks Radhika her father’s name after she tells him that he has taught her kathak dance.