Tarot card predictions: Ayush Gupta reveals Akshay Kumar’s future, says ‘Laxmmi Bomb’ will be a bumper hit

Ayush Gupta, the youngest Reiki healer, and Tarot Card reader, has predicted the future of Akshay Kumar in a new Tarot Card reading session. The superstar has given back-to-back hits every year, and Ayush says his forthcoming horror-comedy film “Laxmmi Bomb” will be a bumper hit too, but what’s interesting is that he mentioned that its success will leave Akshay ecstatic and content. Read on to know what the cards revealed about Akshay:

You are emotionally secure enough to show tenderness without worrying about it being construed as your weakness. You have great responsibilities but you are able to shoulder them with ease. You have gained insights through experiences and use them to your advantage.

You believe in doing things for others, and you care for everyone more than yourself. Through the cards I can say you are a very very positive person and the energies are always in your support and these energies make you such a great actor. If we talk about the latest film projects, ‘Laxmmi Bomb’ is going to be a bumper hit. It will win the audience’s hearts, and the cards reveal that you will be very happy with the success of this movie. It will give you immense joy. According to these cards, I can say there are no flaws in your energy, and whatever happens you will tackle it easily. From the very beginning till now, all your plans have worked and have given you the desired results. Whatever you did in the past, you are getting the benefits and results of it today.