Television couples we admired the most

Indian Television celebrates love and family bonding through the shows and dramas. There are many iconic love stories that can instantly make our hearts warm.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is more than a sensation that just a drama. The drama on air gained many fans and even ardent fans for the stars. Both Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani are ruling many hearts till now. ArShi were the stars of the show. They took the sow to another level. The couple was on fire and created undeniable magic. Each and every scene were pure magic and left fans always carving for more. Still, the fans celebrate each and every moments of their magic. Due to high demand, the show even re-runs in Star Plus and live streams on Hotstar.

Sadda Haq while running was a high youth sensation. The pair according to the demand was too hot to handle. Their magical romance made fans go crazy in love. They made the audience feel the romance and romantic sensation. The couple portrayed all forms and stages of love since their unstable college love to the life partners. It’s easy to fall in love but hard to stay in love for a long time was brought out through the show. The actors respectively played the roles were working hard behind the scenes to give out the desired chemistry that the fans carved for.

Beyhadh was one iconic show in the Indian Television history. Everything about the show was limitless paying justice to the tile. The Jodi was lit and the leading lady Maya was indeed a hot sensation. Starting from her fashion trends to her aura shown in the show was irresistible. Arjun and Maya played a cosy yet toxic couple. Later in the show, Arjun was paired with Sanjh, his best friend. ArYa was short lived but their journey was the most memorable one. Maya’s love had no limits. They were fire and the romantic sensation they shared will always be remembered by the fans. The show ended with the note that no one can live under the limitless love of Maya.

Bepannaah was and always will be a remembered pair in Indian Television. Unexpectedly the pair clicked and was a complete eye fest to watch. Both were talented and senior actors, yet they fit in the screen like a lock and key. Their chemistry was warm and will make anyone feel loved. It was a hard journey for AdiYa yet they succeeded and portrayed an amazing love story on the screens. Even seeing them both together on the same screen was a huge romantic sensation for the audience. Later the couple turned hot and played some steamy hot scenes leaving audiences in awe. This pair is proved to be one power couple as the fans are successful in trending #CastJenShadTogether.