Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd November 2021 Written Update: Minal accuses Mithila

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd November 2021 Written Update:on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Media and few other people stands outside Modi house and chants against Mithila. Inside the house everyone starts worrying. Chirag tells Minal the situation is getting out of hand and he don’t know what to do. He then sees Ashi’s mobile is ringing and asks her to not to answer saying it must be one of the media person who trying to contact them. Following Ashi both Chirag and Minal’s mobile also starts ringing.

Mithila comes there and tells the allegations were told against her also the things are true too. She may not physically harrassed Gopika but the way she treated her is equal to what they are telling in the news so she will go out and tell everyone the truth. Everyone gets shocked and asks Mithila to not to go outside but Mithila refuses to listen so Chirag tells that he will go out and talk to the media but Minal and Ashi stops him saying it’s not safe to go outside. Baa asks everyone where is Mithila.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Mithila is not there. In the Joshi house Ramila gets upset because Ashis not answering her calls and Tejal gets upset with Chirag is not answering his calls. Gopika watches the news from the kitchen and asks God why this is happening. She also asks God to guide her what to do. Ramila screams seeing someone burning Mithila’s photo. Gopika gets shocked and thinks to herself that she has to do something.

In the Modi house Mithila tells God just like her her daughter in law Gopika is also her devotee and she is doing all this to bring her back to this house. She also asks God to make Gopika realise without her in this house this is how the house is functioning and make her realises her presence is needed and tells that she is putting her self respect at stake so asks god to help her. Chirag looks at Ashi and gets an idea. He asks Ashi to go outside and tell everyone whatever the information they got is fake also tell them she is also a daughter in Iaw of this house who is been treated well. If she tell this then media and the people may understand.

Ashi thinks that there are so many people outside so if she goes outside so they may do something to her. Chirag asks Ashi what is she thinking all she has to do is go out and tell everyone that someone made false allegation on Mithila. Mithila comes there and tells everyone its not someone it’s her who give such information to media. Everyone gets shocked.

Mithila tells her family members it’s her who give this information to media this will help them to bring back Gopika to this house. Minal gets angry and asks Mithila that she didn’t expect this from her. To bring back Gopika she put all their self respect at stake. She is her strength and protector and the one who guides her in whatever she does but today she herself made this huge mistake just for Gopika. She is worried about Gopika this much and to bring back her she has done all this but Tejal left this house and not even once she came to this house and for that she didn’t done a single thing.

Gopika left this house on her own whereas Tejal was forced to marry Hiten and they sent her out yet she is doing all this to bring back Gopika but not their daughter Tejal. Because of her this behavior it looks like Gopika is Mithila’s daughter and Tejal is hers alone. She then questions Mithila why she is showing this much partiality towards Gopika and Tejal. Everyone gets shocked except Ashi who enjoys this. Gopika is on her way to come to clear Mithila’s image.

Mithila wipes her tears away and tells Minal that she misunderstands the things here and she will explain her why she is doing all this. She then tells Minal that Tejal chose a wrong guy and refuses to listen to them so they are forced to let her marry to a good guy like Hiten eventhough Tejal doesn’t like him. She then tells no one in Tejal’s in law’s stopped her from coming to this house but she is angry at them so she refuses to come to this house to meet them. For Gopika it’s her in law’s house and because of her misunderstanding she went through a lot which led her to took the decision to leave this house so in this its not Gopika it’s her who is wrong.

Minal tells Mithila if Gopika left the house on her own then why she is doing all this to bring her back by putting their reputation at stake. She then tells that as for as she remembers from day one Saksham didn’t like Gopika at all but because of her only he married to her. So she thinks when the husband dont want to have any relationship with his wife then the wife has no rights to stay in the house. Everyone gets shocked. Gopika reaches the Modi house and goes towards the entry way but someone pulls her aside. Mithila tells Minal if whatever she said is what right then she has no rights to stay in this house too so she is leaving. Minal Baa and Chirag gets shocked. Mithila walks towards the door. Ashi thinks that she never thought that could able to witness this day and gets happy.

Keshav comes there and asks Mithila to stop her. Mithila stops and looks at Keshav. Keshav starts scolding Mithila for putting their reputation at stake for Gopika. He tells that he never interfered in any of the decisions she has taken because he always thought that whatever she decides will be for everyone’s good but not even once he thought she will do things like this. Saksham asks Keshav to stop saying anything against his mother Mithila. Mithila asks Saksham who he is to come between her and Keshav’s conversation. She then asks Saksham why he is feeling bad for her being treated by Keshav this way because he himself does the same to Gopika. He and Keshav thinks alike then why he is stopping Keshav from talking against her.

Mithila further tells in this world the husbands will be accepted by their wives even after they have much inabilities but when its comes to a wife the husbands will not accept a single thing which is the wife’s inability. Be that is the look of the wife or it’s the wife can’t give birth. Keshav and Minal looks at Mithila. Saksham looks down with tear filled eyes. Ramila asks Gopika what is she doing here to which Gopika tells that she is here to tell everyone the information they got about Mithila is wrong. Ramila holds Gopika’s hand and tells her that she dont have any relationship with the Modi’s she she dont have to do all this.

Gopika tells eventhough she don’t have any relationship with them she will help them and protect them and now its Mithila whose self respect is at stake she will surely clear this because she is her strength also her mentor so she dont want anything wrong to happen to Mithila. Ramila tells Gopika that she dont have anywhere else to go except her house so if anything happens because of her going to the media to clear Mithila’s image then she won’t let her stay in her house and asks her to think about it. Gopika gets shocked and looks at Ramila.

Precap: The people outside the house surrounds Mithila and they all chant against her. Modi’s gets worried but gets stopped by other people’s who stands around Mithila. One lady opens the ink and throws it towards Mithila. Everyone gets shocked. Gopika comes there and screams Maa Ji.

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