Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd November 2021 Written Update: Saksham makes a promise to Gopika

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd November 2021 Written Update:on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ramila tells Gopika that they have to stay away from rich people. The people chants against Mithila. Mithila asks everyone to calm down. Gopika says Maa Ji. Saksham in his room recalls Mithila’s words and throws all his things angrily saying that how could Mithila compare him with Keshav when she knows well how much he hates him then why she compared himself with Keshav. He then wipes his tears away and tells that he is nothing like Keshav and he will never become like him.

Everyone chants against Mithila. Mithila asks them to calm down then she will answer to all their questions. The reporter starts questioning to Mithila why did she throw Gopika out of the house. Is she beat her with a belt. Is she asked money and jewelry from her. Mithila remains silent so the media people asks Mithila why she is silent and asks her to answer their question. Priya in her room watches the news and tells that she will reply to their question that Gopika will not return to the modi house neither Saksham’s life because she is here and opens her cupboard which is filled with full of her and Saksham’s photos.

Ramila tells Gopika that they have spent so much time here so tells her now they can return and drags her but stops when Saksham comes there. Saksham tells Ramila that he wants to talk to Gopika for two minutes so Ramila leaves the place. Mithila wonders where is Gopika also thinks not to disappoint her by not showing up. Saksham tells Gopika that he did so many wrong things to her and he know well that he don’t even deserves to ask her this but he has to. He tells its him who did the wrong things to her but Mithila blames herself for everything that happened.

Mithila is punishing herself for the mistakes he had made. He dont want her to hurt herself more so asks Gopika to return to the house if not for him then for Mithila. He also tells Gopika that he will fulfill his responsibilities and never let her down and asks Gopika to give him another chance for the sake of Mithila. He holds her hand which shocks Gopika. Saksham pleads Gopika looks at him recalling whatever she went through because of him so she removes her hand from him and turns around to leave the place. Saksham gets sad.

Mithila tells the media that sometimes people misunderstands certain things which leads them to take wrong decision and that’s what happened too. One of the lady pats the other lady’s shoulder and passes her an ink bottle. One by one they passes it from back to front. The lady who is stands in the front open the ink bottle. The media questions Mithila the reason for Gopika left the house. They also asks why they made Gopika leave the house but not Ashi especially when they both are from same family. Ashi gets shocked. Eveyone again starts chanting against Mithila.

Mithila asks them to calm down. The lady opens the ink bottle and throws towards Mithila which shocks everyone. Gopika screams Maa Ji. She then protects Mithila by using her saree which relives eveyone. One of the reporter starts saying that how Gopika saved Mithila from getting ink on her expensive clothes. Gopika asks them to stop all these allegations. Eveyone looks at her. She then asks Mithila is she okay to which Mithila nods her head yes by smiling at her.

Gopika turns around and tells eveyone that she will tell them the truth today. She will tell them who is Mithila to her and how they falsely accusing her for the things she has never done. She then realises that she is talking infront of everyone so becomes nervous. Mithila notices it so puts her hand on her hand. Gopika smiles at her then covers her hand with hers. She then asks the media to record it in their camera whatever she is going to tell them. Gopika tells that she is not a daughter in law of Modi’s. Everyone gets shocked. The ladies starts talking to one another.

Gopika smiles and tells everyone that she is a daugher of the house. Baa, Chirag and Mithila gets happy. Saksham gets relieved. Gopika tells the reporters the one who they are accusing for harassing her isn’t only her mother in law but her her strength mentor and her mother too. For her Mithila is no lesser than a Lord Krishna. Mithila becomes emotional. Ramila gets angry. Gopika tells their false allegations won’t change the truth about the relationship she shares with Mithila.

Ashi thinks from when did Gopika become this brave. Gopika tells that Mithila not only for her but for the entire family she sacrificed a lot for everyone in this family. One lady asks Gopika if Mithila is her mother then why Mithila tortured her and thrown her out. Gopika asks the women’s name and tells that she thinks she never get scolded by her mother that’s why she is talking like this.

She then tells because of God’s blessings she get someone like Mithila as her mother in law who makes her realise her mistake also scolds her when she do wrong things. She is lucky to have Mithila in her life who guides her in everything. She is now here and talking infront of them that too because of Mithila only. Her life become meaningful after Mithila entered her life. She also tells that Mithila’s love and care is for everyone in the family and she will never think bad about anyone. She also tells that Mithila never asked her to leave the house. It’s her who left the house.

God shows them the right path that’s why god bring Mithila in her life. Gopika then tells that she had told everything now they can leave. Ramila gets upset and tells her free servant is not anymore to her. The news reader starts praising Gopika and Mithila. Priya gets annoyed and tells that she will remove Gopika from Saksham’s life. The media starts trying to ask them questions but Saksham stops them and asks them to leave the place. They all obliges and leaves. Keshav tells whatever happened today is not right.

Minal tells that Mithila done this to bring back Gopika and that happened. Mithila shows Gopika the family and asks her to come but Gopika tells that she wont because the way she chose to bring her back. Mithila tells if she wont then she will do something else. Gopika tells that she has to promise that she will never do this again to which Mithila promises her.

Mithila then tells everyone that she told them that they all will have their tea with Gopika todat which she fulfilled. They all decides to go to the house. Saksham stops Gopika and asks her that she didn’t replied to his question and asks her to reply. Gopika recalls about Saksham’s promises and looks at him. Mithila and the whole family looks at Saksham and Gopika.

Precap: Gopika takes a diary and tells that she will once again try to tell Saksham that she is Radhika. She then goes to Saksham and tells him that she is going to tell him something but won’t pressure him to believe it. Saksham looks at her. Gopika tells that she is Radhika.

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