Tera Mera Saath Rahe 24th November 2021 Written Update: Saksham gives another chance to Gopika in his life

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The episode starts with Saksham asks Gopika why did she didnt answer his questions. Gopika recalls Saksham’s words. She tells Saksham that he is a good person. He made promises to her and she knows he will fulfill it but she don’t want that. Everyone gets shocked. Gopika tells that she want his support. She wants both of them to accept each other and become one. Saksham nods his head.

Chirag Baa and Mithila gets happy but other’s doesn’t look pleased. Riya in her room angrily eats her icecream. Her uncle comes there and wonders why she is eating like this so he goes to her and asks what happened to which Riya tells that she had a plan to enter Saksham’s life but in the last minute Gopika return back to the house. Her uncle asks her not to worry saying they’ll find a solution.

Riya tells that she will throw Gopika out of Saksham’s life and looks on. In Modi bhawan Gopika and Saksham stands the other side of the door whereas the family members stands inside. Mithila welcomes Gopika. Minal does the aarti but looks upset. Mithila asks Gopika to perform the Grahpravesh ritual. She forwards her hand. Gopika holds it and smiles at Mithila. She then enters the house by performing the ritual. Mithila tells that she prays to God that the Laxmi of this house never leave them and asks to take Gopika to take blessings from everyone.

Gopika goes to Minal who stops her. She then goes to Baa who blesses her and tells her that she told her before the one which meant for her will always return to her no matter what and now she can see that’s what happened. Mithila looks at Minal who looks sad and upset. Gopika smiles at Baa. She then looks at Keshav who angrily leaves the place which upsets Gopika. Mithila and Saksham gets angry.

Ramila thinks that now Gopika is returned to Modi’s she is the one who has to do all the household works. She imagines cleaning the utensils and Tejal ordering her to wash the clothes too. She screams. Everyone gets shocked. Mithila goes to Ramila and asks her is she okay to which Ramila tells that she is happy that Gopika is back to her in law’s house so in happiness she screamed. Mithila asks her to stop talking and then asks Saksham and Gopika to take blessings of God. They both obliges.

Saksham Gopika along with the family members goes to the temple inside their house. They both prays to god with the whole family. Mithila then joins the hand of Gopika and Saksham. She asks them to never leave the other person. She then asks Saksham to take Gopika to his room. Saksham takes Gopika to his room by holding her hand. They both looks at each other. After entering the room Saksham drops his hand from Gopika. Gopika senses Saksham’s uneasiness so she tells him that she do know in one night they can’t change their relationship but they can always take one step at a time to become one right. Saksham agrees with Gopika.

Gopika smiles and goes towards the bed to take her pillow. Saksham recalls Mithila’s comparision of him with Keshav. He calls Gopika who looks at him confusingly. Saksham tells Gopika hereafter she dont have to sleep on the couch. They can share a bed together. Let this be the first step towards starting their relationship. Gopika gets happy and nods her head. Saksham then calls Gopika and asks her to put her things in his cupboard too and tells her from now on this is her room to and goes to the washroom. The worker brings Gopika’s things to the room.

Gopika decides to arrange it in the cupboard. She looks at Radhika’s dress also the meeting she has with Saksham. She tells by God’s grace they are going to start their life from the beginning and she dont want any lies so she will once again tell Saksham that she is Radhika. Riya in her room looks upset. Her uncle asks her why she didn’t went to her bed yet. She tells that she isn’t feeling sleepy also she feels that she wants to go to zoo to meet the animals there. Her uncle tells the animals which she wants to see is in Modi house also. Riya tells that she is talking about them only. She then tells her uncle tomorrow Gopika will be thrown out of Saksham’s life forever and smirks.

Saksham comes to his room. Gopika stops him and tells him that she wants to talk to him about something and tells they already talked about this before so she will tell now but won’t pressure him to accept or believe it. Saksham tells Gopika for him talking about the past will only stretch the thing also create unnecessary problems so it’s better to leave it and not to talk about that. Gopila tells Saksham its important. Saksham asks Gopika to write what she wants to tell him in a paper and burn it. He then goes to sleep.

Gopika thinks that Saksham is right and she should close Radhika’s chapter forever and goes and lies on the bed beside Saksham. She looks at him and smiles. In the morning Mithila comes down and worries the flower men doesn’t bring flower yet. Gopika comes there and greets Mithila who gets happy and greets her back. Gopika tells that flower man give the flowers and she made arrangements for the puja too. Mithila gets happy. Gopika tells that she will serve tea to Baa first. She thr serves everyone their morning tea and the snacks.

Ashi comes and sits beside Chirag and eats his snacks. Chirag asks Ashi to learn something from Gopika which upsets her. Keshav and Minal hears the conversation and gets angry and upset. Ramila in her house tells that she wants tea. Tejal comes there and tells her tea is in the kitchen. Ramila wonders what happened because Tejal woke up and freshen up this soon also telling tea is in the kitchen so she goes to the kitchen only to find tea isn’t there so she calls Tejal who comes there and gives her the ingredients and asks her to make it on her own then leaves the place. Ramila gets angry. In Modi house the family members takes aarti.

Mithila asks Ashi to learn everything from Gopika also asks her to wake up in the early morning because she is daughter in law of this house too. Minal and Ashi gets upset. Ashi tells okay. Mithila tells Minal after Gopika returned to the house it seems they are getting back to their like how they used to be right. Minal forces a smile and nods. Gopika comes there and tells the works she has done and asks Mithila is she has to do anything else. Mithila tells yes she forget one thing. Everyone looks confused. Saksham comes there. Gopika apologises to Mithila and asks her to tell what she missed. Mithila asks her to wait and calls the worker to bring the thing. The worker carries a box in his hand. Eveyone looks confused.

Precap: Mithila tells in this house everyone’s photo frame is here except Saksham-Gopika’s so she wants to put theirs in the wall. She also asks them to put in on the wall with their hands. They both takes the photo frame towards the wall. Riya comes there and makes the photo frame fall to the ground. Everyone gets shocked.

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