Tera Mera Saath Rahe 25th November 2021 Written Update: Priya decides to stay away from Mithila

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The episode starts with Mithila calls Saksham and tells that in this house everyone’s picture is hanging on the wall but after they both get married still their photo frame is not in the wall so she wants their wedding photo to be on the wall. Gopika gets happy. Saksham looks at Mithila and nods his head. Mithila gives the photo frame to Saksham and Gopika saying she want both of them to hang it on the wall. They both takes the photo frame from Mithila. Priya enters the house and collides with Gopika.

The photo frame falls to the ground and breaks into pieces. Gopika gets upset and others gets shocked. Anant and Hiten tells that Tejal won’t make food so pleads Ramila to do it. Ramila remains stubborn and tells they will only eat food which is made by Tejal until then she is ready to stay hungry she has no problem. Hiten tells he and Anant have problem staying hungry and pleads Ramila to cook food. Ramila tells that Hiten wants his wife to stay happy and make his mother work.

Hiten tells it’s not like that. He then offers her to do her leg and hand massage to but Ramila stay stubborn. Priya looks at Saksham. Mithila thinks what kind of girl she is that she has not even feels bad for breaking the photo frame. Priya apologises for breaking the photo frame and takes the photo with her saying she will buy a new photo frame for this before Saksham could take the photo. Gopika recalls the way Priya hugged him in the market. Saksham gets surprised seeing Priya which leads Priya to crack a joke at his reaction.

Saksham tells everyone that Priya is his college friend. He then decides to introduce everyone but Priya interrupts saying she will guess it. She goes to Keshav and Minal and says that Saksham talks a lot about them in their college days. She also tells that she knows everyone’s likes and dislikes so she bought gift for them. She takes her suitcase and gives gifts to Keshav and Minal. They both thanks her. She then gifts Baa who blesses her. She then gifts Chirag and Ashi their gift. She tells Ashi that she knows her favorite is her makeup kit so she bought it for her. Ashi gets happy and thanks her.

Mithila questions Priya that she is friends with Saksham in the college days that time Chirag is not married them how did she knows Ashi likes make up kit. Priya gets shocked. Anant and Hiten asks Ramila to stop being stubborn and cook food for them. Ramila again refuses. Tejal comes there and tells their food will be here soon. Ramila gets happy and tells Hiten that she told him how to make Tejal oblige her words. Tejal asks Ramila to give her mobile unlocking because she wants to take a selfie and her mobile is in charge.

Ramila gives it to her. Hiten asks where is the food. Tejal tells when the door bell rings then the food will be here because she ordered the food. Hiten gets shocked. Tejal opens the door when she hears the door bell. She opens it and starts paying for the food. Ramila tells Hiten that she dont care as long as the money which she spent is not on her. Hiten tells that Tejal is paying using her mobile only. Ramila gets shocked. She then gets shocked seeing the breakfast bill is Rs.2000 and gets annoyed when Tejal gives her an explanation for that.

In Modi house Priya tells Mithila that Ashi and her are same age so it’s easy to guess what at the age of her girls likes the most. She then tells Mithila that Saksham talkeed about her a lot in college days. Mithila and Saksham looks at each other and smiles. Priya greets Mithila but Mithila doesn’t so Priya points out at her then Mithila greets her back. Priya thinks herself that Mithila is being rude. She then tells Mithila that she bought a gift for her too and gives her a saree. Mithila tells Priya when Saksham was in college her saree choices are different than how she know what she likes now. Priya gets shocked. Everyone looks at Priya.

Priya lies saying that the entire city knows about Modi family and she has seen their interviews so through which she got to know about her saree. She then tells her uncle tells one should accept the gift given to them so Mithila smiles and takes it from her. Priya looks at Gopika and goes towards her. She asks Gopika who are you. Eveyone gets shocked. Gopika gets uncomfortable. Mithila tells Priya that she will tell who is she and goes and stands beside Gopika. She then tells Priya that she is Mrs.Gopika Saksham Modi also the first daughter in law of the house. Priya acts and tells that she doesn’t know and also tells that Saksham didn’t talked to her anything about her and turns around and playfully scolds Saksham.

Everyone gets uncomfortable. Ashi thinks what will Saksham introduce Gopika to Priya that she is an uneducated fool and hides her smile. Mithila asks Priya that because of her the photo frame broke and she has the picture in which the one who sitting beside Saksham is Gopika is she not noticed. Priya apologises to Gopika. Gopika tells its not a big deal then asks her to have water the same time Priya forwards her hand to do a handshake.

Gopika looks at Mithila who signs at her so she forwards her hand but end up spilling the water on Priya. Priya asks Gopika what she did. Gopika apologises to her and tells her that she will clean it. Saksham asks Gopika to take Priya to their room and take proper care of her and leaves for his office.

Gopika takes Priya to their room and asks Priya to choose which saree she wants and tells her that she will clean and return the dress which is spoiled earlier. Priya tells Gopika that she is lucky to have Saksham in her life. Gopika tells she is wrong because when both people get married both will get lucky. Priya forces a smile. Gopika asks Priya to change the dress and leaves the room. Priya thinks that she considered Gopika as her competition but she is not. If she asks her to leave Saksham she will oblige without questioning her and smiles. In breakfast table Minal tells Mithila its been ten minutes and shall they start their breakfast.

Mithila refuses saying that they all will have food together after Gopika returns. Keshav gets angry but remains silent when Mithila gives him a befitting reply. Ashi tells if Keshav himself dont say anything then they can’t do anything. Mithila notices and asks Ashi what is she saying to which she tells that is wondering where Gopika went. She then mocks Gopika’s love for god. Priya throws all the dresses. She then finds the booklet of Gopika’s designs. She finds Radhika’s name Written in it. She also recalls Saksham’s interview. Gopika comes there and apologises to them for making them wait. She then takes two plates which makes Chirag to question and pull her leg saying Saksham is not here. Gopika smiles and tells that this is for Priya.

Chirag asks Gopika to think about her too. Then why they all about to have food Gopika tells that she will go and call Priya because she is guest and they have to take proper care of her so they all put their food back. Gopika goes and asks Priya to come down saying everyone is waiting for her. Priya gets shared and drops the diary of the designs and tells Gopika that she will be there in few minutes.

Precap: Gopika holds the design to her and tells Baa that today she will tell everyone the truth about Radhika. Priya thinks that she needs to find who is Radhika also smiles saying she knows how to take the design from Radhika.

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