Tera Mera Saath Rahe 26th May 2022 Written Update: Kesari’s mother misguide Kesari to trap the Modi’s

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The episode starts with Kesari comes there and pretends to clean the floor. Kesari’s mother tells Kesari to keep her face as innocent as possible. She also asks her to clean the floor so that her father will become happy seeing her act and accept her as her daughter. Kesari nods her head and starts cleaning it. The Modi’s looks shocked. Kesari’s mother advices Kesari to not to smile also. The inspector questions the Modi’s about Kesari. He also asks Kesari is she doing this work under the family members pressure.

Kesari’s mother asks her to tell what she taught her. Kesari says to the inspector she is doing this work on her. Saksham shouts at Kesari asking what is she doing. The inspector tells that they are going to arrest Saksham under child labor act. The family members tells the inspector that Kesari herself told that she is doing this work on her own then why he is falsely accusing Saksham and asks him not to. The inspector asks Kesari why she is here to which Kesari says that her father is here. The inspector asks the Modi’s who is Kesari’s father. They all remains silent to the inspector asks Kesari who is her father.

Kesari points at Saksham and tells that he is her father and all the others are her relatives. Saksham says that he is not her father. Gopika thinks the only way to stop inspector from arresting Saksham is she has to agree with Kesari’s lie so she tells the inspector that Saksham is Kesari’s father and she is her mother. Saksham gets furious and about to refuse but Gopika signs at him not to deny it so Saksham tells the inspector he is Kesari’s father.

Kesari gets happy and hugs Saksham. The inspector asks Saksham then why did he said he is not her father first time. Saksham tells Kesari troubles them a lot even he witnessed the scene right now she created that’s why. The inspector tells the Modi’s that he will visit the house often and leaves with his team. Kesari tells happily finally she got her father. Saksham gets angry and tells Kesari that he is not her father.

Kesari asks he is the one who told infront of inspector that he is her father. Saksham says that’s because he has no other option. Gopika goes to Kesari and assures her that Saksham is her father only and now she must be tired so asks her to take some rest after that they can play and have her favorite icecream. Kesari nods okay and leaves the place. Saksham gets upset with Gopika but the family members says that they have no other option that this which leads Saksham to leave the place angrily.

Saksham in his room angrily tries to throw the blanket but Gopika comes there and asks him to calm down. Saksham asks how will he and asks her why she played along with Kesari and told the inspector she is his daughter. Gopika tells he is the one who told he is not hundred percent sure right. Saksham warns Gopika to not to taunt him like this and says she knows very well about his idea to have a kid. Gopika gets angry and upset so tells Saksham she knows she can’t become a mother of his child and he dont have to remind her this again and again. They both looks at each other. Kesari comes there with a soft toy and says to the soft toy it can meet her father now.

Saksham angrily snatches the toy from her but Gopika signs at him not to react like this. Saksham gives the toy to Kesari and asks her to not to call him father but Kesari refuses and asks Gopika to tell Saksham if he dont accept this then the inspector will arrest him which will make her sad. Gopika tells Kesari that Saksham is just joking so asks her not to take his word seriously. Kesari tells Saksham and Gopika that in her schools everyone made fun of her because she dont have a father but now she is happy she have her father with whom she can play games. Gopika tells Kesari that Saksham will play with her and asks her to arrange everything for her to play with Saksham. Kesari agrees and leaves the room.

Saksham’s suit gets ruined while playing with Kesari so he scolds her and leaves the place. Gopika advices Kesari to play a game because of which neither Saksham get hurt nor his things get spoiled. Kesari agrees and leaves the place. Saksham tells his employees that they have a meeting after thrity minutes and thinks to himself there is so much going on he needs to take rest before and falls asleep. Rajjo cries infront of the family members. Munna looks scared. Munna and Chirag shares with one another how they are scared of their wife’s. Everyone hears a door bell.

Rajjo cries and glares at Munna. She then goes to open the door. Chirag asks what happened. The FB shows in which Munna’s ex girlfriend calls Munna and badmouths about Rajjo and tells that she is on her way to meet him which leads a huge fight between then. The FB ends. The courier man gives a courier to Rajjo and she gives it to Mithila.

Mithila takes a bracelet and the letter. In the letter it states the men in the family have another opportunity to confess their deeds also the bracelet is the sign of the days they spent lovely time with each other. Rajjo cries and accuses Munna. She tells she is going to die and bring rose water from the kitchen thinking its kerosene. Munna gets worried and tries to stop her. Ashi and Minal tries to tell her it’s a rose water but Rajjo refuses to listen to them so they all asks her to do what she wants. Chirag tells Munna it’s a rose water only..Munna gets relived.

Rajjo cries and says they are not supporting her after fails her attempt to kill herself. Mithila and the other women explains her why they didnt stopped her also assures her that they are with her. Hiten shows the video of Ramila and Tejal Tejal behaving nicely with each other which surprises them. He tells them that he will send this video for audition of that competition which makes both Ramila and Tejal happy. In Modi’s house Saksham wakes up and realises he took one hour time so he opens his laptop and apologises to his employees for making them wait. They all laugh at him and asks him to look his face in the mirror. Saksham gets shocked seeing the mustache drawn by Kesari. Kesari comes there and laughs at him. Gopika also comes there and laughs at him. Saksham gets angry and scolds Kesari he also raises his hand on Kesari.

Gopika gets angry so she scolds him and sends Kesari away. She then lashes out at Saksham for his behavior towards a kid and tells him she knows what it is to live a life without a father. Saksham realises Gopika’s feelings and feels guilty. He goes to Kesari and apologises to her for his behavior. He then dances to make her smile. Gopika gets surprised seeing Saksham’s change in behavior. Kesari asks Gopika to dance with Saksham but the latter refuses saying she is upset with Saksham. Kesari tells that Saksham will convince her the way he convinced her to make her forgive her. Saksham and Gopika looks at each other.

Precap: The Modi’s gets shocked learning Kesari went missing. They receives a call from Kesari’s mother who says Jalebi the one who kidnapped Kesari is not her mother so asks them to find her daughter at any cost or else she wont spare them. Other side Jalebi ties Kesari in a chair who looks scared.

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