Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th October 2021 Written Update: Ramila and Ashi saves Gopika from Vivaan

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The episode starts with Ashi tells Ramila that everyone is talking about Radhika which annoys her the most and tells that she wants to know who is this Radhika. Ramila tells Ashi that Radhika is not doing anything so she has to stop worrying that. She then gets upset with the leakage in her house and tells that her daughter get married to Chirag and her life is settled. But here she is suffering like this. She also tells that she wish instead of Vj and Tejal’s engagement she would be happy its Hiten then her status in this society must have increased and she must become almost equal to Modi’s.

Ashi tells that she knows Hiten is her brother but he neither have a proper job or popular like Vivvan nor he is handsome so it’s not possible for Hiten to marry Tejal. Ramila once again starts complaining so Ashi cuts the call. The next day marriage preparations happens. Gopika asks Chirag where is Tejal to which Chirag says that she went to jewellery shop with Vj. Saksham comes there and asks Chirag to do some other work. He then warns Gopika to not to create any drama. Gopika asks Saksham is he going anywhere. Saksham says yes. Gopika thinks that she has to do somethimg to reach the place where Tejal and Vj is so she asks Saksham to drop her to the hospital.

Saksham tells that he has so much work to do so asks her to use the auto rickshaw. Gopika apologises to God for lying in her heart and tells Saksham that her stomach pain is too much to handle if she goes in an auto then it will increase the pain which will be clearly evident in her face and Mithila will get upset. Saksham agrees to drop Gopika to the hospital and asks her to follow him and leaves the place. Gopika thanks god and asks to help her to expose VJ’s true face to everyone.

Saksham asks Gopika where is the hospital exactly. Gopika tells it’s near the jewellery shop. Saksham gets confused. Tejal tells Vivaan that their engagement is trending in the social media. Vj asks Tejal that he asked her to delete her account then why she is keeping it till now and starts hurting her. Gopika sees Vivaan and Tejal and his misbehavior towards Tejal so she shouts Saksham to stops the car. She then gets out of the car and asks Saksham to see pointing at where Vj and Tejal is but before he could see the people will comes there so Saksham scolds Gopika and asks her to meet the doctor and come fast.

Gopika thinks that she has to do something then thinks that she may help Tejal now but if she let this go then Tejal has to suffer her entire life so she has to do something. She then gets an idea so she takes her mobil out and starts recording VJ’s behavior towards Tejal. Vj threatens Tejal to not to disobey him. He then sees Gopika is recording the video so he asks Tejal to get into the car and goes to Gopika and snatches her mobile from her and breaks it saying she can’t expose his true face and he will marry Tejal today itself and she can’t do anything to stop this marriage. Gopika tells that her aunt always told that she makes thousands of mistakes but each time she will stand up like that now also she will do everything in her power to expose him because God is with her. Vivaan mocks Gopika saying that God can only watch everything but wont do anything and leaves the place. Saksham comes there and asks Gopika what is she doing here. Is she met the doctor.

Gopika looks at the shop where Vj VJ hurt Tejal so she asks Saksham to wait for her and goes to the shop. Saksham asks Gopika to stop and wonders what is she even 4thinking there is so much work left. Gopika goes to the shop and asks the owner to come with her and tell her family what he witnessed to save Tejal’s life but the shop owner refuses saying it the girl dont want to then he dont want to get into trouble. Gopika prays to god to help her. She sees CCTV and asks the footage to the shop owner who agrees to give it to her but asks her not to tell his name. Gopika agrees and takes the pen drive and leaves the shop. She then gets shocked seeing Saksham left so she takes an auto to reach the house. She prays to God to help her reach on time.

Minal does the aarti for Vivaan and welcomes him and his family. Ramila gets shocked seeing the car which Vivaan is going to get as a gift for marrying Tejal also the things that is meant to give for Tejal when she goes to her in laws house. She once again starts talking how she wish its Hiten not Vj but Ashi tells her not to act like this and takes her away from that place. Gopika comes to the venue. Mithila asks Gopika where she went. She do know the marriage is going to take place yet she went out for shopping. Gopika denies anstells that she wants to show her something but Mithila scolds her saying she always gives excuses and asks to welcome the guest and leaves the place. Gopika thinks that she needs to show someone the pen drive so that she can able to stop the wedding so she asks the worker where is Saksham who tells he is in the upstairs room so Gopika goes there.

Vj closes the door and Gopika gets shocked and asks what is he doing here. Vj asks do she really think that he wont get to know about the proof against him and asks her to give him the pendrive but Gopika refuses saying she will save Tejal from him at any cost. She then tries to leave the room but Vj stops her but Gopika opens the door and tries to leave again but Vj doesn’t let her. Ashi and Ramila gets shocked seeing Vj and Gopika so they goes to rescue Gopila from Vj. They both pushes Vj who hits his head and falls to the ground unconsciously. Ashi Ramila and Gopika worries that Vj must have died but gets relieved when they see him breathing. Ramila asks what happened to which Gopika tells that she has a proof against Vj. Ramila asks where it is now. Gopika realises during the chaos she missed it somewhere in this room and gets worried how to find the pendrive to stop the wedding of Vivaan and Thejal.

Precap: Gopika asks to stop the wedding saying the groom is not suitable for Tejal. Later Vivaan asks Gopika what she thinks that she can stop his wedding with Tejal by trying to kill him and takes a threatening step towards Gopika. Saksham comes there and starts beating Vj for trying to harm Gopika.

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