Tera Mera Saath Rahe 9th December 2021 Written Update: Gopika threatens the doctor

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The episode starts with Gopika enters the house and senses some weird smell and wonders where it is coming from. She then hears Mithila calling her name. She goes to her room and gets shocked seeing her on the floor also having difficulties in her breathing. Gopika asks Mithila what happened to her. Why her health get detoriates like this. Is she ever gone through this much. She also asks what she needs to do. Mithila tells her that she wants her medicine. Gopika tells that she don’t know which one she will have. Mithila asks her to ask Chirag.

Gopika goes to Chirag’s room where Chirag asks her to bring ice water for him also asks her to stop cooking whatever she is making in the kitchen. She goes to bring ice water for Chirag and gets shocked seeing everyone in the family is suffering. She goes to Mithila and tells her the family members are suffering and she don’t know what to do. Mithila asks Gopika to switch off the AC. Gopika does it. She then goes and switches off the entire house’s AC then goes to Mithila’s room. Mithila asks Gopika to call Saksham when she sees Gopika wondering whose help she can take now. Priya switches off Saksham’s mobile and acts like increasing the AC flow. Gopika calls Saksham and learns his mobile is switch off so Mithila asks her to call Priya.

Priya switches off her mobile too so when Gopika calls her she fails to inform Saksham about the family members sufferings. Gopika decides to call the doctor to treat Mithila and rest of the family members but the line goes busy so she asks Mithila to concentrate on her breathing until she goes to the hospital and bring doctor with her and leaves the house.

Priya says ‘Safar’. Saksham looks at her questioningly. Priya tells that she is talking about the journey. If the partner is good in both travel and life then their life will be so much better. But if it’s suffer in English it will happen only when they dont have right people by their side. She also tells that she was alone but now Saksham filled the void in her life and thanks him for that. Saksham tells she is his friend so he will be there for her always. Priya tells Saksham that she was alone but not him because he has a life partner who is Gopika. Saksham gets uncomfortable.

Priya asks him both he and Gopika loves one another right. Saksham stops the car and looks at Priya. Gopika runs towards the hospital in the bare foot. She asks the receptionist and the ward boy to call the doctor immediately because her mother in law’s health is not good. They both tell doctor will be available after 5PM. Gopika tells that doctor is one who needs to save people now she is in need also her family so asks them to call the doctor.

The receptionist tells that they can’t asks the doctor. The ward boy suggests they will give her the doctor’s house address. Gopika takes it from them and leaves the hospital. Priya asks Saksham what happened to him why he is reacting like this. Saksham tells that he don’t want to lie anything. Priya jokes and tells that’s the reason why she calls him Harsh since their college days. Saksham tells that he dont want to hurt Gopika but he is trying his best to work out their relationship. He also thanks Priya for being an understanding friend.

Gopika reaches the doctor’s house and rings the bell also knocks the door repeatedly. The doctor’s wife comes out and scolds Gopika for being impatient. Gopika thinks she is the doctor so tells her family members needed to be treated immediately so asks her to come with her. The doctor’s wife tells her it’s not her it’s her husband who is the doctor so Gopika enters the house and asks the doctor to come with her. The doctors wife tells that today is her birthday so her husband will leave the house after the birthday celebration only. Gopika takes the knife in her hand and threatens them so the doctor agrees to go with Gopika. Gopika apologises to the doctor’s wife before leaving the house saying she is in desperate need to save her family.
Saksham gets shocked seeing his mobile is off. He switches on and gets shocked seeing Gopika’s missed calls. Priya tells him Gopika musr have called him to know whether he reached the orphanage or not. Saksham tells that he has a feeling nothing is good in the house and calls Gopika. Gopika’s mobile rings but no one answers it. Priya tells Saksham she must be busy in the household works.

Saksham tells that he dont think so and decides to return to the house. Ramila enters the house wearing new saree glasses and everything. Tejal asks her from where did she bought all this to which Ramila tells her that she got an offer in Modeling. Tejal jokes and leaves while Ramila is engrossed in what all are the poses she is going to give while the photographer takes photos of hers. She then gets shocked seeing Hiten who asks her to tell him the truth. Ramila recalls how she lend money from a person showing Tejal’s photo and promises to give him the money return soon. She also learns if she fails to return the money then they will cut Tejal’s hair. She tells Hiten that she got an offer from modeling so asks him not to question her further.

Gopika brings the doctor to the house. He treats Mithlila. Mithila wakes up and calls Gopika’s name. Gopika gets happy and thanks God for saving Mithila. She then asks the doctor to come with her saying the other family members also needs his treatment. The doctor agrees. Saksham and Priya cones comes there. Saksham gets shocked seeing the doctor and asks him what happened to Mithila.

Both Mithila and the doctor tells now she is fine. Saksham thanks the doctor but the doctor asks him to thank Gopika who acted smartly on time. He also tells that she bring him from his house. Gopika explains why she did this..Mithila praises Gopika. The doctor tells that he thought she is her daughter but after learning she is theyr daughter in law then he must say the family members are lucky to have Gopika in their life and leaves the room to treat others. Saksham comes to Gopika ans thanks her. Gopika tells Mithila is her mother too. Priya interrupts them and asks why this happened all of sudden.

Gopika tells its because of AC. Priya asks is she sprayed the right spray. Gopika tells yes and they all leaves to see which one Gopika sprayed in the AC vent. Gopika shows the bottle but Priya takes the another one and tells that she must have sprayed this one. She also thinks that Saksham has to show a little less anger towards Gopika. Gopika tells everyone that she is sure she sprayed rbis bottle not the other one. Chirag questions how come the other bottle came to this house yo which Priya tells it’s her who brought it. She then asks Gopika is she sure that she used the pepper spray bottle. Gopika tells yes she is sure. Saksham shouts then how did the bottle was near the AC vent. Gopika looks at him.

Precap: Priya asks Gopika to read the label in the bottle. Gopika have trouble reading it. Saksham gets angry. Later Gopika tells Chirag because of her not knowing English the family suffered a lot so she is going to learn English. Chirag smiles at her.

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