Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Mithila to ask Hiten to marry Tejal!

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Starbharath’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with interesting drama with Vivvan’s truth comes out infront of the Modi’s so they throw him out of the house. Now it will be interesting to see what will the Modi’s do next? Will Hiten marry Tejal? Will Tejal agree to marry Hiten? Will Tejal blame Gopika? Will Gopika get another chance in Mithila and Saksham’s life?

In the current track it shown that Ramila asks Gopika and Ashi to search for the pendrive. She asks Hiten to sit in the mandap on behalf of Vivaan until they find him. Hiten refuses but gives in when he sess Ashi is crying. Gopika tells that sending Hiten to the mandap is wrong but both Ramila and Ashi manipulates her. Mithila asks Minal about Vivaan’s whereabouts. Chirag goes to bring Vivaan but Hiten comes there hiding his face so everyone thinks its Vivaan and made him sit in the mandap.

Gopika finds the pendrive and asks Ramila and Ashi to follow her fast saying they have to stop thus wedding. Both of them gets worried but follows Gopika. Gopika asks to stop the wedding but no one listens to her. Mithila scolds her. Saksham takes her away and warns her not to ruin Thejal’s marriage. Ramila asks Hiten to perform the ritual but he hesitates which makes Mithila suspicious but ignores it. Gopika cries and asks God to help her. She then recalls Baa’s words and calls Saksham as Radhika and informs him that Vivvan is not the right one for Tejal also his family member have proof too.

Gopika gets shocked seeing Vivaan there who threatens and tries to snatch Gopika’s pendrive but Saksham comes there and beats Saksham and drags him inside the venue. Hiten gets worried to make Thejal wear the Mangalsutra but it gets stopped when they sees Vivaan is with Saksham.

Everyone gets shocked seeing Hiten in Vivaan’s place. Saksham tells that Vivaan is not the right one for Tejak then he takes the pendrive from Gopika and plays the video. Everyone gets shocked seeing Vivaan’s behavior towards Thejal. Thejal defends Vivaan’s action. Vivaan also defends himself and blames Saksham for accusing him which makes Mithila angry who slaps him and tells him that her son will never lie also they believed him over their daughter in law not anymore.

They all joins hand together to stop Vivaan from going towards Thejal. Vivaan and family leaves. Gopika gets emotional seeing both Mithila and Saksham is holding her hands.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Mithila will ask Hiten to marry Thejal. Hiten will say to Mithila that he can’t and apologises to her. He will try to leave the venue but Gopika will stop him. She will ask Hiten to agree to this marriage saying whatever decisions taken by Mithila is always right. Mithila will look at Gopika with tear filled eyes.

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