Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Mithila to get disappoint by Gopika!

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Starbharat’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with more drama with Ramila saving Gopika from giving the speech in English. Gopika gets appreciation which irks Ashi. Now it will be interesting to see what will Ashi’s next move to create a misunderstanding between Gopika and Mithila? Will Gopika learn about Ashi’s intentions?

In the current track it shown that Ashi waits Gopika to humiliate herself infront of everyone with her speech but Ramila decides to stop this at any cost so she goes nearby a reporter and tells that the speech is supposed to be in Hindi not in English. The reporter asks Mithila is her daughter in law doesn’t know Hindi which leads Mithila to ask Gopika to give speech in Hindi. Ashi gets upset but Ramila signs her to stay calm. Gopika praises everyone how the whole family is treating her like their own family she also calls Mithila as Yasoda and tells that Saksham is her Strength and she will also make him proud. The whole family gets happy. Gopika also talks about the way Mithila chose her as their daughter in law.Thejal hugs Gopika and then the elders of the family blesses her. Ashi gets upset and thinks her own mother did this to her when she hears one of the reporter praises Gopika’s speech. Mithila tells Keshav likee she said already Gopika proved her right. She then takes Gopika to meet Keshavs business partner. Gopika calls Uma as a frog and her husband as a gorilla which leads them to leave the house. Mithila praises Gopika telling that she is not good at English but whatever she said made Uma shut her mouth. Gopika then goes and thanks Asho for helping her to prepare the speech she then gives the speech paper to Ashi when Thejal takes her to take a picture of her and Saksham. Mithila thinks to get to know what Ashi has written about her family in her speech so she searches for Saksham to translate it. Ashi gets worried thinking she is going to get exposed. Chirag comes there and gets shocked seeing what is Written in the paper he changes the entire speech so Mithila praises Ashi for writing good things about their family and leaves. Chirag then warns Ashi to not to repeat this mistake again and leaves. Thejal makes Saksham and Gopika hold each other for a photo. She then gets happy seeing the outcome of the photo. Saksham tells Gopika that the session is over so asks her to remove her hand. Gopika removes and looks down. Saksham leaves the place. Mithila sees everything from far.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Mithila will ask Gopika why the Diya isn’t lighten up yet they have only few minutes left for the sun rise. Gopika will apologise and say that she will light up the diya. She will then get shocked seeing Ashi is there already lighting up. Mithila will say to Gopika that she made her upset. She then ask both Gopika and Ashi to prepare their husband’s favorite dish as a part of their ritual. Ashi will once again misguide Gopika. Mithila will say to Gopika that two times in a day she disappointed her. Ashi will get happy. Gopika will get sad.

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