Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Mithila to give new responsibility to Gopika!

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Starbharath’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with more drama with Ramila makes Mithila believe that Gopika is a brave person which lead Mithila to think that her decision is right by choosing Gopika for Saksham.

Now it will be interesting to see what will Ramila and Ashi do to break the bond of Mithila and Gopika? Will Saksham accept Gopika in his life?

In the current track it shown that Ashi asks Gopika why she get ready when Mithila asked her not to participate in the puja. Gopika tells Ashi that she is going to take blessings from mouse then tries to stop Ashi from killing the mouse when Ashi tells her that she is going to kill the rat for spoiling her efforts.

Gopika decides to save the mouse and asks God’s help. Ramila comes to the Modi Bhawan. Mithila reminds Ramila abour her lies about Gopika is an educated person also she is a brave person and tells her that she feels like it’s all a lie and today the truth is going to come out with the help of god.

She also tells Ramila that if whatever she told found as a lie then she not only punish Gopika but also both Ramila and Ashi which makes Ramila worry. Everyone does the puja. Ashi’s revelation about her plan to kill the rat shocks everyone. They all tries to save the mouse from eating the poisonous laddu.

Then they sees Gopika making the mouse eat the laddu which doesn’t have poison and asks blessings from it which blesses her and leaves the house. Mithila questions Gopika for coming out of her room. Gopika tells Mithila that she wanted to take blessings from the mouse that’s why she came out and goes to her room.

A furious Ashi decides to scold Gopika for saving the mouse. Ramila gets worried that Gopika’s truth will come out so she makes an excuse and goes to Gopika’s room where she supports Gopika which surprises both Gopika and Ashi. She then asks Gopika to scold Ashi but Gopika refuses to do it.

Ashi also gets irritated but remains silent. Mithila tells Baa that Gopika did a good thing by saving the mouse but she is going to get a proof that whether Gopika is letting Ashi do whatever she wants and dominate her or she is going to put Ashi in her place and goes to Gopika’s room.

Ramila threatens Gopika to scold Ashi. Mithila sees Ashi and Gopika from outside the room. Gopika starts scolding Ashi for trying to kill the mouse also talks how dare she tries to question her for saving the mouse. Mithila gets happy thinking that her decision to choose Gopika for Saksham is right so she thanks god and leaves the place. Ramila scolds Gopika for taking advantage of this situation and takes Ashi from there once Mithila leaves the place.

Gopika gets confused. Mithila praises the young family members for making this puja as a eco friendly then when the priest tells that they have to do the next part of ritual Ashi decides to do it but Mithila stops her and calls Gopika and tells her that she misunderstands something that’s why they had a differences now everything is clear so asks Gopika to do the ritual because she is a first daughter in law of the house.

Ashi gets angry. Everyone gets happy. Gopika gets emotional and gratefully smiles at Mithila who blesses her.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Mithila will say to Gopika that Keshav bought a new ring to Minal for their anniversary and ask Gopika to protect this. Ashi will get angry and inform Ramila. The latter will give her an idea which will make Gopika leave the Modi Bhawan forever.
Gopika will decide to do all her work while keeping an eye on the ring. Ashi will enter Gopika’s room to take the ring but Gopika will see Ashi and question her what she is doing here. Ashi will get shocked and nervously smile at Gopika.

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