Tera Mera Saath Rahe: Munna’s ex girlfriend Jalebi to kidnap Kesari!

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Starbharat’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe is gearing up with interesting drama with Kesari tells the inspector Saksham is her father. To stop Saksham getting arrested Gopika also lies with Kesari. Later Saksham and Gopika gets into an argument when Kesari troubles Saksham which leads Gopika to get upset with Saksham. Now it will be interesting to see will Saksham be able get Gopika’s forgiveness? Will Gopika forgive Saksham? Will Saksham apologises to Gopika for his behavior with Kesari?

In the current track it shown that Kesari follows her mother’s instructions and starts cleaning the floor infront of the cops which shocks the Modi’s. Inspector enquires the Modi’s and Kesari. Kesari tells him Saksham is her father and she is doing this work on her own. Saksham refuses first but Gopika signs at so he also lies to the inspector that Kesari is his daughter. Later Gopika and Saksham gets into an argument over Kesari’s lie. Kesari pleads Saksham to play with her and expresses her joy of having a father. Saksham scolds Kesari when his suit gets ruined while playing with her. Later he raises her hand on Kesari after she draws a mustache on Saksham’s face and his employees laughed at him. Gopika gets upset with him for his behavior. Saksham realises his mistake so goes to convince Kesari to forgive him and dances funnily for her. Gopika gets surprised seeing Saksham’s behavior towards her. She refuses to dance with Saksham saying she is upset with him when Kesari insists. Kesari says that Saksham will get forgiveness from Gopika for sure. They both looks at each other.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that the Modi’s will get shocked seeing Kesari is nowhere to be found. They will receive a call from Kesari’s mother. Kesari’s mother will tell the Modi’s that Kesari get kidnapped by Munna’s ex girlfriend Jalebi. She will ask them to save Kesari also threaten them if anything happen to Kesari. The Modi’s will get worried. Jalebi will tie Kesari in a chair. Kesari will look scared.

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