Tera Mera Saath Rahe Weekly Update: Saksham decides to give another chance to his relationship with Gopika.

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This week Tera Mera Saath Rahe episode starts with family members gets worried seeing the situation is getting out of hand. Mithila asks God’s help to make Gopika realise her family needed the most. Chirag requests Ashi to go out and tell everyone that she is treated well but Ashi worries something bad might happen to her. Gopika decides to do something to stop the media from defaming Mithila and the family. Mithila shocks the family members by revealing it’s her who gave this information to Media which angers Minal. Minal accuses Mithila for putting the family’s reputation at stake. She also tells the efforts she put to bring back Gopika to this house she didn’t done the same to Tejal who left this house and not even once tried contacting them nor visited them.
Mithila tells Minal that Tejal is angry at them but in Gopika’s case its them who made her take the decision to leave the house. Minal says to Mithila that Saksham doesn’t like Gopika from day one so it’s better Gopika don’t return to this house because she dont have any rights to be here. Mithila decides to leave the house saying even her husband doesn’t want her which shocks everyone.

Keshav accuses Mithila but Saksham gets angry at him. Mithila tells Saksham both him and Keshav are same so ask him not to defend her. She also talk about the unfair things that happens to a women as a wife. Everyone gets emotional. Gopika reaches the Modi house but Ramila stops her and threatens her to throw her out if she goes to media to clear Mithila’s image. Mithila comes out of the house and asks the people to calm down saying she will reply to their questions.
Saksham gets upset that Mithila Mithila compared him with Keshav. He then goes to Gopika and asks her to return to the house saying its him who made the mistake but Mithila is blaming and punishing herself. Gopika recalls what all she went through and takes her hand back to leave the place. Priya thinks that she will enter Saksham’s life soon. Mithila tells that because of a misunderstanding it all happened. She then thinks that she hope Gopika comes here. One of the lady throws ink at Mithila but Gopika comes there as her rescue.

Gopika tells everyone that Mithila is like her mother who always showed her the right path. She not only loves and cares for her but for eveyone in the family. Mithila gets happy. The press leaves. Priya gets upset but decides to separate Gopika and Saksham. Mithila tells the family members as she promised Gopika is return to their house. Gopika makes Mithila promise that she will never do this to herself then decides to go to the house with everyone but Saksham stops her and asks her to tell him whether she accepts his apology or not.

Gopika and the family members looks at Saksham. Saksham asks Gopika to answer his questions to which Gopika tells that she knows he will fulfill the promises he made to her but that’s what she wants. All she wants is to they have to accept each other and become one. Saksham agrees which makes the family happy. Priya gets upset that Gopika returned to Modi Bhawan. Gopika does the Grahpravesh ritual and enters the house. Mithila blesses her. Gopika takes everyone’s blessings but Keshav leaves the place which upsets Gopika.

Saksham and Gopika goes to their room after taking God’s blessing where Gopika tells Saksham that they can take one step at a time in this new start of their relationship. Saksham agrees and tells her it’s her room too.

Gopika thinks to tell Saksham that she is Radhika for one last time. Priya tells her uncle that she will make Gopika leave Saksham’s life the next day itself. Gopika goes to tell Saksham about Radhika’s truth but Saksham stops her saying he don’t want to talk about the past and if she really wants to then asks her to write in on a paper and burn it. Gopika decides to close the Radhika chapter forever. The next day Gopika does all the works which makes Mithila happy. Chirag and Mithila asks Ashi to help and learn from Gopika which makes Minal uncomfortable but she forces a smile along with Ashi.
Gopika tells that she has done all the works and asks is she has to do anything else. Mithila tells Gopika that she forget one important work. Everyone gets confused and looks at Mithila. Gopika apologises and asks her to tell her and she will do it. Mithila calls the worker who carries a box which confuses the family members. Gopika looks at Mithila.

Mithila asks Saksham and Gopika to hang their wedding photo frame. Gopika gets happy but Priya comes there and makes the photo frame fall which leads to break into pieces which upsets Gopika. Priya tells that she knows them all because Saksham talked about them in her college days. She also tells that she bought gift for them too and gifts one by one. Mithila questions Priya how she knows about Ashi’s likes also what kind of saree she wears now. Priya gets shocked but she lies saying eveyone knows about Modi family. She then decides to stay away from Mithila.
She then goes to Gopika’s room to change her clothes when Gopika accidentally spills water on her where she finds Radhika’s designs and wonders who it is. Modi’s wait for Gopika to come to the breakfast table to have breakfast as per Mithila’s order. Gopika asks the family members to wait till Priya arrives and goes to bring Priya. Priya tells that she will be there in few minutes and drops the design diary from her hand.

Mithila tells Saksham that they all are waiting for Gopika to have breakfast when he asks them. Gopika comes there and apologises to the family members for making them wait. Everyone gets shocked seeing Priya wearing Saksham’s clothes who tells that she is more comfortable but tells that she will change her clothes after hers gets dried. Mithila tells they are going to temple for puja which is for Saksham and Gopika. Priya tells Saksham that she wishes to have a family like him to which Saksham assures she will get one. Priya realises that she fails to take the design diary but decides to take that diary some other way also find who is Radhika by gathering information from Saksham.
Mithila advices Saksham to fulfill the promises he made to Gopika. Saksham understands the meaning and tells Priya is his friend only. Gopika wears matching clothes to Saksham but Saksham doesn’t say anything. They both goes to the temple but they gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. Gopika suggests they can walk and they may get a lift. Saksham agrees and priya comes there when Saksham stops the car to ask for lift. Seeing Priya both Saksham and Gopika gets shocked.

In the next week it will be shown that Priya will go to the temple and try to take the diary by hiding her face with a shawl. Mithila will notice this. She will ask the person to stop but Priya will run away from there. Mithila will notice the footwear and thinks that the footwear looks similar to Priya’s. Priya will hide herself near a car.

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