Tera Mere Saath Rahe 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Saksham’s gift reaches Gopika by mistake

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The episode starts with Saksham in his office thinks today workload is too much but he will complete it before the party. His assistant comes there with a bag in his hand. He asks his assistant to give it to madam this dress also bring her to the hotel where the party is. He then sees his assistant is looking at him so he thinks that he may learnt that he and Priya is going to the party that’s why he is looking at him like this so he tells his assistant that he is going to the party with wife and it’s purely based on business so he don’t have to tell this to his family. His assistant says okay and leaves the place. Gopika receives the bag and gets confused when Saksham’s assistant tells her that Saksham send this for her also there is a party in Hotel Grand. Ashi overhears the conversation that happens between Gopika and Saksham’s assistant.

Saksham’s assistant tells Gopika that indeed Saksham is the one who send her the gift also he told not to tell anyone in the family also asked him to drop her in the party venue. Gopika leaves the place confusedly. She tells that she can’t believe Saksham is doing this much for her. Mithila sees everything and goes to Gopika and asks her why she is blushing like a tomato. She then tells that she planned to scold Saksham for forgetting her birthday but Saksham made her happy by doing all this. She then asks her to get ready for the party. Gopika goes inside the room happily.

Mithila prays God to pour happiness on Saksham and Gopika always. Ashi gets angry that Saksham held a party for Gopika who dont deserves anything but her husband is not doing anything for her. She then sees Chirag in the steps and tells him that even they are newly wedded but like Saksham he is not planning any surprises for her. Chirag gets happy that Saksham planned all this for Gopika which angers Ashi the most because Chirag is not understanding what is she saying so she asks him to play his games in his mobile and leaves the place. Chirag thinks that Ashi feels he is not doing anything for her so he will plan something for her to make her happy.

Gopika in her room opens the bag and gets happy seeing a beautiful black dress. She tells this is the first ever gift Saksham gave her so she will keep this safe. She also praises the beauty of the dress. She then decides to get ready saying there is so many happiness she is yet to endure so she has to control her happiness now and concentrate on get ready to the party. She applies make up and decides to wear the dress. Saksham reaches the venue. He calls Priya and tells her that he reached and asks her to come fast. Priya tells once she receives her dress she will get ready in minute.

Saksham tells Priya that he sent her the gift thirty minutes back. Priya tells she didn’t received anything so Saksham calls his assistant who tells him that he handed over the dress also waiting for madam outside the house. Saksham informs the same to Priya who tells may be her uncle received the dress so he will ask him. Gopika looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks that the dress is long and wonders whether to adjust it or nor. Chirag brings Ashi to the room saying she is complaining a lot that he is not doing anything for them so he planned this surprise for her and she will be happy. Ashi questions him how its possible in ten minutes. Chirag tells everything is possible and takes the blindfold from Ashi’s eyes. Ashi gets unhappy seeing the decorations also the setup. She expresses the same to Chirag but Chirag tells her that he made this on his own to which Ashi asks him to have this on his own and leaves the place upsetting Chirag.

Gopika comes to the room and praises Chirag for his efforts to make Ashi happy. She also tells Ashi is lucky to have a partner like him. Chirag thanks her. Ashi meets the assistant of Saksham and learns the party is not any birthday surprise party it’s a client who invited Saksham and Gopika so she gets happy and asks Saksham’s assistant to not to tell anyone and leaves the place. Chirag asks Gopika why she is here. Gopika tells that she wants Ashi’s help to get ready. Chirag tells Gopika that Ashi went out now so Gopikaleaves the room thanking Chirag.

Gopika and Ashi bumps into each other. They both talks at the same time then stops it. Ashi tells that she wants to see her to help her get ready to the party. Gopika tells that they are sisters and its proven that she and ashi are thinking a like and tells even she needs her help and shows her the dress andtells it’s too long. Ashi suggests that she should wear high heels. Gopika recalls how she is uncomfortable in high heels so she refuses but Ashi takes her with her and help her get ready. Gopika asks Ashi to give her flats but Ashi refuses saying high heels suits with the dress. She then asks her to hurry up saying Saksham’s assistant is waiting for her.

Gopika leaves the place with so much difficulty. Ashi gets happy. Saksham sees Priya in the party venue and compliments her beauty. He then tells this is not the dress he send her to which Priya tells he didn’t received any dress from her so she bought in on her own. Saksham wonders who get the dress and decides to call his assistant but gets interrupted by his client who greets Saksham and Priya and takes them with him to meet his guests. Gopika enters the venue and gets happy thinking that Saksham held a big surprise party for her. She then sees Saksham and walks towards him but she makes the food fall to the ground from the waiter. She apologises to him. The ladies who Saksham and Priya meets praises both of them and calls them made for each other.

Priya gets happy. Saksham gets uncomfortable. Priya then excuses herself and leaves the place. Gopika decides to follow Saksham but once again she makes the drinks falls to the ground by mistake from the waiter. Saksham goes to Priya and asks her what happened to which Priya says that she is feeling awkward because she is not his wife. She also acts and says that she dont have anyone in this world. Saksham touches Priya’s shoulder and asks her not to feel like this saying her friend will be always with her. Priya smiles and thanks Saksham. Gopika gets confused seeing Saksham and Priya.

Precap: In the party the announcement made that couple dance is about to start. Eveyone takes the mask including Priya and Gopika. Saksham finds Gopika in that dark room. Gopika realises its Saksham. Saksham dances with Gopik unaware that its Gopika.

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