Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 8th August 2022 Written Update: Krisha takes a major step against Jaya

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 8th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Krisha notifying Devraj about Jaya and Vamika’s relationship. She also accuses the latter for torturing Virendra, while Devraj denies to believe it. Virendra also takes a stand for Krisha and insists Devraj to confront Jaya. He unwillingly agrees and goes inside Jaya’s room. He sees Vamika along with her and insists Jaya to show the album from her cupboard. He tells her about the accusations of Krisha, while the latter starts her emotional acting in front of him.

Here, Jaya questions if Devraj doesn’t trust her? To which the latter shakes his head and states that he have full faith on her. At that time Krisha comes forward and ask Jaya to stop fooling Devraj. She orders Jaya to show the album, which she has kept inside her cupboard and declares that it will expose her truth.

Jaya proclaims that she only sometimes shares her pain with Vamika and there isn’t anything else in between them. She lies that Vamika isn’t her daughter and tells Devraj to believe her. He melts seeing her tears, but Virendra comes forward and supports Krisha. He ask Jaya to do as per Krisha’s order.

Elsewhere, Jaya gets furious and gives her cupboard keys to Devraj. She ask him to look inside her cupboard, while Krisha takes the keys and opens it. She brings out the album and shows it to everyone, but to her shock there were Devraj and Jaya’s pictures. The latter gets stunned and insists Devraj to believe her.

Jaya and Vamika smirks recalling the flashback, where Jaya suspected Krisha’s plan and gets rid of Vamika and her pictures. She smiles looking at Vamika as their plan gets successful and then again starts her acting in front of Devraj.

Ahead, Jaya pretends to get hurt and declares to leave the palace, while Devraj apologises to her. He insists her to stay, while Krisha gets furious and ask Jaya to stop her acting. She requests Devraj not to believe her and says that she is faking it. He scolds Krisha and ask her to leave the palace. Krisha gets hurt and goes away, while Virendra tries to stop her.

Vamika drags Krisha to throw her out but the latter takes a stand for herself and proclaims that she have all the property on her name and declares that she won’t go anywhere. She prays to god inside her room, while Jaya tortures Virendra and threatens that she will kill Devraj and accuse Krisha for it, while the latter gets scared.

Further, Devraj rebukes Krisha and says that he she has broken all his trust and love towards her. Whereas, Ugra and Raghav along with Naina mocks Krisha while Rati takes a stand for her. Later, Vamika dumps her picture with Jaya into the dustbin, while Raghav reaches there and gets all the photos.

The episode ends.

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