Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 9th August 2022 Written Update: Raghav and Ugra blackmails Jaya

Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 9th August 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Krisha getting worried about her decision. She keeps thinking about the matter and becomes emotional. She remembers how Jaya flopped her plan and gets successful in getting Devraj’s trust. Krisha cries recalling Devraj’s harsh words. Whereas, Rati comes there and shows her support towards Krisha. She assures the latter and proclaims that everything will be fine. Krisha doubts her decision and ask if she herself created problems in between Devraj and her? To which Rati denies.

Here, Rati tells that Devraj and Krisha’s relationship is very strong and no one can break it. She makes Krisha understand that Devraj won’t be angry with her for a long time and insists her to talk to him. She ask Krisha to clearify the matter in between them and assures that they both will get back together.

Rati forces Krisha to come along with her, while the latter denies. Rati strictly tells Krisha that she will have to clearify the differences in between her and Devraj and takes her downstairs. Whereas, Virendra gets inside his room and Jaya comes there. She tortures him for supporting Krisha.

Elsewhere, Jaya reminds Virendra about the basement torture which he has been through and proclaims that she won’t hesitate to repeat it with him. He gets scared from her while she threatens him stating that she will kill Devraj and him and will blame Krisha for it.

Jaya proclaims to send Krisha behind the bars for murdering Devraj, while Virendra gets shocked and requests her not to do it. He pleads her to forgive him, while she smirks and agrees to give a chance to him. She ask him to lie to Devraj and in return she will spare his son’s life. Virendra gets into turmoil and cries, but atleast chooses to save Devraj.

Ahead, Rati bring Devraj and Krisha together. She insists them to reconcile and tells Devraj that Virendra won’t lie to him and ask to think about his words. Whereas, at that time Virendra comes there and tells that he lied to Devraj. He says that Krisha herself asked him to say it, while Devraj gets furious at Krisha.

Jaya smirks and confronts Krisha, while the latter proclaims that Jaya and Vamika still couldn’t able to take keys from her. Whereas, Virendra apologises to Krisha for his act, while she assures him and states that she can understand his situation. Devraj ask Krisha to stay away from his father, but Virendra proclaims that he wants her.

Further, Raghav shows the proofs against Vamika and Jaya to Ugra and Naina. They ploys to trap the latter and confronts her. They demands money from Jaya while the latter gets shocked. Meanwhile, she along with Vamika plans to steal the keys from Krisha.

The episode ends.

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