Teri Meri Doriyaann 10th June 2024 Written Update: Akir’s confession proves Angad’s innocence

Teri Meri Doriyaann 10th June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Angad saying to Anti terrorism squad officer that he hasn’t bought the plutonium. The Anti terrorism squad officer says if he hasn’t bought it then it might have been one of his family members. The Anti terrorism squad officer asks all of the Brar family members to come with them. The Brar family say that they are innocent. Simran comes and gives Angad’s phone and wallet to Angad. Angad sees his phone and says the transaction is done using his credit card and says his credit card is missing in his wallet.

Akir comes and says to everyone that he bought the plutonium for his science project using Angad’s credit card. Angad asks Akir why did he do it. Akir says he will not tell him. Simran says to Brar family that she taught Akir how to use the laptop when she asked him. Simran apologises to the family. The Anti terrorism squad officer asks Akir why did he do it. Akir says he wanted a build a Time Machine to go back in time and stop Sahiba from leaving to Babaji’s house. Akir says to Anti terrorism squad officer that he wants his mother to stay with him and cries to himself. The Anti terrorism squad officer after hearing Akir’s confession asks Angad to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen and leaves from there.

Manveer admonishes Simran for teaching laptop to Akir without thinking about it. Angad tries to talk to Akir. Akir says to Angad that he doesn’t want to talk to him. Angad says to Akir that he can talk to him about Sahiba. Akir refuses to do it. Akir calls Angad with his name instead of dad. The Brar family try to convince Akir to call Angad dad but he refuses to do it saying he hates Angad and he will only call Angad with his name and leaves from there.

Gurnur( Sahiba’s lookalike) finds a room to rent and decides to clean it. Gurnur hears sound and thinks someone is coming for her. It is shown the someone stamped Gurnur with Z tattoo. Gurnur thinks she has to be careful from the people who gave her this tattoo.

The next day, In school, Akir says to Simran that he will not go to home with Angad and asks Simran to allow him to stay with her in her classroom. Simran doesn’t agree to it. Angad comes to pick up Akir from school. Akir asks Angad why does he come everytime to pick him up as he knows that Akir hates him. Angad stays silent. Angad takes Akir in his car.

Gurnur looks for jobs in her phone. Gurnur hears music and she goes to check it out. Gurnur buys a dress that she likes in the street.

Angad asks Akir if he will come with him tomorrow theatre. Akir says no as he hates Angad.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Gurnur sings a song. Angad comes to her thinking she is Sahiba.

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