Teri Meri Doriyaann 11th June 2024 Written Update: Gurnoor in search of a job

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The episode starts with Akir asking Angad for his phone. Angad thinks Akir will play games in his phone and gives his phone to Akir. Akir browses in Angad’s phone.

Sahiba eats Pani Puri. Sahiba sees a little girl and feeds her pani Puri. Akir gives Angad his phone back. Angad asks Akir what does he have to do to become his friend again. Akir asks Angad not to do anything. Akir gets down from the car and runs away. Angad puts the car aside and chases Akir.

Sahiba comes to music band and dances to the music. Akir comes to the stage and he sees Gurnoor playing music on stage. Akir thinks it is Sahiba and tries to go towards her but he isn’t able to do it due to the crowd. Akir gets on the stand and tries to signal Gurnoor. Angad sees Akir is about to fall so he catches him when Akir is about to fall. Gurnoor after the performance sees that the people who are chasing her found her. Gurnoor runs away from them.

Angad says to Akir that he should not run away from the car like that. Akir says he saw Sahiba. Angad says to Akir that Sahiba has gone to Babaji’s house and she can never return. Akir says he really saw Sahiba. Akir says he will show him. Akir goes towards stage but he doesn’t find Sahiba. Akir feels disappointed thinking Sahiba has left him again.

Gurnoor gets lift from a lady and escapes from the people who are chasing her. The lady Goon gets a call from Sarkar her boss. The Lady goon assures Sarkar that they will find Gurnoor soon and asks Sarkar not to worry.

Angad gets a call from Akir’s school asking him to come and meet the principal. Angad agrees.

Sahiba is shown to have come to Akir’s school to apply for musical teacher job. Sahiba sees there are lot of competition for this job so she tries to convince all of her competitors to leave this job for her saying she really needs this job and her mother’s condition isn’t well.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad is invited into the principal’s office. The principal asks Angad why does he want you to take Akir away from this school. Angad asks the school principal why would she think like that. The principal shows the email that she got from his email id. Angad asks Akir if he did this. Akir says yes and says he doesn’t want to study here.

Angad spots Gurnoor when she is singing a song.

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