Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th February 2024 Written Update: Sahiba leaves the Brar mansion

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The episode starts with Akaal asking if it is true that Angad and Sahiba filed for divorce. Hansraj takes the divorce papers and confirms that they are divorced. Manveer and others look at the divorce papers one by one.


Hansraj believes Veer’s accusation against Sahiba that Sahiba is trying to separate Veer and Kirat. All the Brar family question Angad and Sahiba that if they are about to be divorced why did they act like everything is fine with them. Angad says to all the Brar family members that there is a difference of opinion in between them. Angad says Sahiba was about to file for divorce but he filed for divorce before that happened. Sahiba gets surprised with Angad’s words. Akaal asks Sahiba how could she destroy both Angad and Veer’s lives like this. Seerat comments on Sahiba as she destroyed her own marriage.

Ajith asks Sahiba if it is true that she is the one who started about this divorce. Sahiba reveals how Angad ended their relationship and made her sign the divorce papers. Seerat asks Sahiba when are they going to be divorced. Angad asks Seerat what is her interest in it and says she hasn’t done anything good by doing this. Sahiba asks Seerat to think that their divorce has really happened all that’s left is just paperwork.

Sahiba announces her decision saying she will leave the Brar mansion with Kirat as all that’s left of their relationship is nothing. Garry says to Sahiba that by fighting for others she lost her world. Inder and Jasleen try to stop Sahiba.

Sahiba leaves from there with Kirat. Ajith and Santosh also leave along with them.

Angad looks at himself in the mirror and thinks how could he raise his hand at Sahiba.

Veer’s friends ask Veer to control the media as if they learn that Kirat dumped him then he will be humiliated and his reputation will go down the drain if the media knows about the accusations made by Sahiba against him. Veer closes the door and lashes out. Veer vows to take revenge on Sahiba and Kirat.

Manveer says to Angad that it’s a good thing that Sahiba has left him. Inder asks Angad what happened in between them that their marriage came to the point of divorce. Gurleen thinks why did Sahiba put up an act of she has such a problem with Veer. Manveer comments on it.

Ajith comments on Angad and the Brar family. Sahiba says to Ajith that she went there to talk about Kirat and get justice for her but they later turned the whole thing against her and comments on it. Sahiba says they should not talk about this anymore as Kirat is already hurt with what happened.

The lawyer Kapoor comes to the Brar mansion. Kapoor learns about Sahiba leaving the Brar mansion. Kapoor says to Brar family that Angad and Sahiba should have to stay together for 180 days and try to work on their marriage and if they still want divorce only then will they be able to file for divorce. Kapoor says after the judge read report of their counselling the judge believed that there is a chance for Angad and Sahiba’s relationship to be saved so he took this decision.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad meet Sahiba and reveals to Sahiba about the court orders. Angad asks Sahiba to come with him. Sahiba raises her hand at Angad.

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