Teri Meri Doriyaann 18th November 2023 Written Update: The hotel manager delays Angad from reaching the destination

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The episode starts with Angad admonishing the security guard as he allowed Sahiba to come to the reception. Sahiba says to Angad that she feels that he is in danger and says to Angad that they should return to Ludhiana as everyone here is mistaking him for Sunny Sood. Angad says he can’t leave without taking that diamond and says they will leave after taking that diamond. Sahiba says to Angad that she feels that all of this happening due to that diamond. Angad asks Sahiba what is she talking about? Sahiba reminds Angad how they got into trouble because of Sunny Sood. Angad convinces that they will leave after taking the diamond. Sahiba agrees and says they should eat dinner in the room. Angad agrees.


Sahiba sees Angad sleeping and recalls the words she said to Angad and recalls what happened after that. Sahiba says to sleeping Angad that she wanted to tell him how special she is to him but this isn’t the right time. Sahiba says to Angad that she is worried about his safety. Sahiba says they will be safe once they return to Ludhiana.

The next day, Angad asks the receptionist to get a car ready and he has to go somewhere. Sahiba packs Mirchi powder and a knife and says to Angad she is ready. Angad asks Sahiba why is she getting ready this much. Sahiba says while he is making the diamond deal she will be on the lookout for danger. Angad asks Sahiba to stay back. Sahiba sees that Angad isn’t getting convinced to take her with him. Sahiba reminds Angad that someone might attack her if she is alone. Angad hearing this agrees to take Sahiba with him.

The hotel manager assures the mysterious person that he will make sure Angad doesn’t reach the destination on time. At the hotel reception, a couple notices that it is Angad Singh Brar CEO of Brar Industries so they take selfies with him and delay him. The hotel manager says their car is ready.

Angad and Sahiba get into the car and they leave from the hotel. Sahiba feels that there are two cars following them so she asks the driver to pull the car aside. Angad says they are being late. Angad asks the driver to drive the car.

The driver stops the car and says the car broke down. Angad worries about reaching the destination on time.

Kirat questions Coach why did she take her name off the champion list. The coach says she is not good enough to be a champion. Kirat after seeing the coach’s behaviour understands the coach took off her name from the champion list as she rejected his advances. Kirat argues with the coach. The coach asks Kirat to go to a psychiatrist. Everyone misunderstands Kirat thinking Kirat is falsely accusing coach. Kirat asks Ritu to tell the truth as she saw what coach did to her. Ritu says she doesn’t know anything and leaves from there.

Sahiba asks Angad to get in the taxi and leave from there. Angad gets in the taxi and goes to destination. The driver calls the hotel manager and says to him that Angad left in a local taxi.

Angad feels uncomfortable sitting in the local taxi and comments on Sahiba.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad comes to take delivery of the diamond but the South African comapany says the diamond has been delivered. Angad hearing this argues with the staff. The staff calls for security. The security holds off Angad. Sahiba asks Angad what happened. Angad says he hasn’t taken the diamond but the staff are saying the diamond has been delivered.

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