Teri Meri Doriyaann 19th November 2023 Written Update: Angad faces a huge loss

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The episode starts with Sahiba getting a taxi so that they could reach the destination on time. The driver calls hotel manager and says Angad has left in a local taxi. The hotel manager scolds the driver as he couldn’t delay Angad.


Angad sees Sahiba pretty confident and asks Sahiba where does her confidence come from. Sahiba says it comes from him.

Angad and Sahiba reach the destination. Angad says they are already 7 min late. Sahiba asks Angad to go inside and says she will pay the taxi driver. Angad agrees and leaves from there.

Angad comes to the South African company staff and asks the staff for the diamond. The company staff says the diamond has been delivered. Angad asks the staff where is his diamond and how could he give it to someone else. The company staff says he just followed the protocol. It is shown the mystery person came forward to take delivery as Angad Singh Brar. Angad gets into an argument with the company staff. The company staff calls for security.

Sahiba comes and sees Angad arguing with the security company staff and asks Angad what happened. Angad says they gave the diamond to someone else instead of him. The security asks Angad to leave from here.

Angad calls Malhotra and argues with Malhotra as they gave the diamond to someone else instead of him. Malhotra argues with Angad over the phone saying they have proof that he has taken the diamond and says he can do whatever he wants. Angad decides to teach a lesson to the South African company.

Angad and Sahiba return to the hotel. The manager sees Angad and Sahiba upset and says to the mysterious person over the phone about it. The manager takes a photo of Angad and sends it to the mysterious person.

The police station come and meet Angad and Sahiba. The police says the South African company filed a police complaint against him saying he took the diamond but he is stil arguing saying he didn’t take the diamond. The police say they came here to take this statement. Angad gives his statement to the cops saying he didn’t get the diamond. It is shown The hotel manager says there is a fire in the hotel and sends Angad and Sahiba out of their room and he steals the passcode.

The hotel manager says to Angad and Sahiba that they have to leave this hotel as it is their company policy that if a person is going through police investigation he can’t be in their hotel. Angad agrees to leave the hotel.

Manveer and Jabjyot prepare for Diwali and they also prepare are to welcome Angad.

Sahiba shares her suspicion with Angad that everyone misunderstanding him for Sunny Sood and the diamond not getting him might be connected. Sahiba says Sunny Sood might have gone to collect that diamond instead of him. Angad asks Sahiba to stop her conspiracy theories and let him think. Angad and Sahiba leave from there.

The hotel manager calls the mysterious person and says Angad and Sahiba are leaving Mumbai.

Manveer and Jabjyot prepare to welcome Angad. Jasleen comments on Angad. Manveer counters Jasleen.

Angad learns that the insurance company will only give his money after they investigate this case and says to Sahiba about it.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Yash introduces Parth and Mannat to the Brar family. Mannat thinks Angad is Sunny and hugs him. Angad says he is not Sunny but Angad Singh Brar. Mannat says he will show proof of Sunny putting a ring on her finger.

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