Teri Meri Doriyaann 1st June 2024 Written Update: Daljeet catches Sahiba

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The episode starts with Daljeet saying to Sahiba that she should get ready for the wedding as Angad has given up. Daljeet says his guards are right outside the Brar mansion. Daljeet goes to get ready for the wedding.

Harneet says to Amu that once Daljeet marries Sahiba her line will be clear.

Sahiba asks Angad what is he planning. Angad says he will not allow this wedding to happen and this time they will be ten steps ahead of Daljeet.

Sahiba gets ready as a bride. Manveer makes up a reason and sends Daljeet’s staff out of the room. Angad thanks Manveer for sending Daljeet’s staff away. Manveer asks Angad what is their next step. Angad says Sahiba will hide in this trolley and escape the Brar mansion. Angad says Sahiba will later leave to Daljeet’s mansion and leave the city along with Akir.

Sahiba is shown to be hiding in the trolley and leaving the Brar mansion.

Harneet sees Daljeet has gotten ready as a Groom. Daljeet thanks Harneet as he is going to get back his family together. Daljeet says for that he is going to call her mother from today onwards. Harneet feels excited with this news.

Sahiba enters Daljeet’s mansion saying she came here to vaccine Akir. Sahiba later asks Daljeet’s staff to get water, sugar syrup and cotton for Akir. Sahiba after sending Daljeet’s staff away shows to Akir that she is Sahiba. Sahiba says to Akir that they are going to play hide and seek with Daljeet. Akir agrees.

Daljeet gets ready as Groom and comes infront of the Brar family. Daljeet says to Brar family that he would like to meet Sahiba. The Brar family tries to stop Daljeet but he doesn’t listen.

Angad says Sahiba is there and points to Sahiba. Garry and Kirat create a hologram of Sahiba using technology and make Daljeet believe that Sahiba is there is the Brar mansion. Angad convinces Daljeet not to talk to Sahiba before the wedding.

Sahiba makes Akir get into a bag and leave Daljeet mansion. Sahiba and Akir meet Angad. Akir seeing Angad asks him to stay away from him. Angad gives flight tickets to Sahiba. He asks her to go to the airport and assures her that he will teach a lesson to Daljeet. Sahiba asks him to be careful.

Sahiba and Akir while leaving for the airport run into Daljeet and his men. Sahiba gets out of the car to confront Daljeet. Daljeet says to Sahiba that he may not be near Akir but his eyes always be on Akir and shows the CCTV footage of Akir’s room to Sahiba. The driver calls Angad and informs Angad about the situation. Daljeet forces to get into the car to forcefully marry Sahiba. Akir stops Daljeet and asks Daljeet why is he misbehaving with Sahiba. Angad witnessing it praises Akir and says to Daljeet that Akir action proved that Akir is son of Sahiba and Angad, not Daljeet. Akir asks Sahiba what is Angad saying? Sahiba reveals the truth to Akir. Akir runs away from Sahiba.

Angad comes to Sahiba and asks Sahiba where is Akir. Sahiba asks Angad to search Akir as he ran away. Sahiba and Angad start looking for Akir. Daljeet also searches for Akir. Akir couldn’t accept that Daljeet isn’t his father. Daljeet catches Sahiba and blames her for Akir’s situation. Angad spots Akir and goes to him. Akir refuses to talk to him. Angad tells him that they need to save his mother. They hear a gunshot. Angad and Akir go to check on Sahiba and they find a gun in Sahiba’s hand and Daljeet on the road in a pool of blood.

Episode ends.

Precap – The police arrest Sahiba for killing Daljeet. Sahiba asks Angad to take care of Akir.

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