Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd January 2023 Written Update: Seerat impresses Angad with Sahiba’s answers

Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd January 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Manveer asking Angad why did Sahiba come here and why is Seerat talking to Sahiba? Angad says Seerat said she will handle Sahiba and he couldn’t tell no to her. Seerat talks to Sahiba and gives the earrings to Sahiba. Seerat sends Sahiba after talking to her and says she will come after a while. Sahiba agrees. Angad praises Seerat for the way she handled Sahiba. Manveer asks Seerat why did Sahiba come here? Angad comments on Sahiba. Seerat says to Manveer that Sahiba came to apologise to the Brar’s. Seerat says she talked to her and sent her away saying the Brar’s will not accept her apology and leaves from there. Angad praises Seerat for the way she handled things and invites her in.

Sahiba thinks of what happened. Kirat comes with her friends to teach Brar’s a lesson but Sahiba stops Kirat and her friends. Sahiba takes Kirat’s bike keys and says no one is going to Brar’s house. Kirat says it is needed. Kirat says once we beat the crap out of those guards then they will find the earrings. Sahiba says Seerat found the earrings and gave it to her and says she again went inside. Kirat asks Sahiba why did Seerat go again inside.

The Brar’s invite Seerat to eat the food. Seerat sits with the Brar’s to eat the food. Angad tries to sit beside Seerat but his sister sits beside Seerat. Veer and Garry tease Angad after seeing this. All the family members ask Seerat about her. Seerat says in her family there is her mother, father, aunt and when she is about take her sister’s name she thinks of what happened and stops taking their names. Seerat later covers it up. Manveer asks Seerat where does she live? Seerat accidentally takes their address and later covers it up. The family reminds them to eat the food. Veer also reminds Angad that he needs to go to the Lohri function. Angad says he knows.

Seerat sees all the food and thinks about it. Jasleen asks Seerat if she doesn’t like their traditional foods. Angad hearing this asks the servant to bring something else for Seerat. Seerat thinks she wants to eat all this food and recalls what Sahiba said about Lohri’s food. Seerat tells she will eat the traditional food as it is family’s love. Angad hearing this says he will also eat the traditional food. The family members tease Angad hearing this. Jasleen thinks Seerat is really fooling Angad. Angad says to Seerat that he really wants to know about her and asks her if she doesn’t mind answering a few of his questions.

Angad asks Seerat what is more important to her? Money or education? Seerat recalls what Sahiba said to the question once. Seerat says Sahiba’s answer to the Brar’s and Angad gets impressed with her answer. Angad asks Seerat what is her ambition? Seerat recalls how Sahiba said her ambition is to improve herself. Seerat gives Sahiba’s answer to the Brar’s. All the Brar’s gets impressed with her answers. Angad asks Seerat what is more important to her. Beauty or Brains? Seerat recalls what Sahiba once said about her heart being the most important and says to the Brar’s that heart is the most important and explains it. The whole Brar’s gets impressed with her answers.

Episode ends.

Precap – Santosh asks Seerat what happened at Brar’s house. Seerat says a miracle happened and they invited dad and you for a meeting and it’s about to talk about my alliance. Santosh feels happy. During the Lohri celebration, flower garlands fall on Sahiba and Angad.

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