Teri Meri Doriyaann 22nd March 2024 Written Update: Manveer to admonish Angad’s behaviour

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The episode starts with Daljeet and Akir looking that Sahiba is staying silent and think she is really angry. Akir asks Daljeet to do something to cheer up Sahiba. Daljeet praises the food made by Sahiba. Sahiba says the food would have been delivered by now to the customers if they haven’t gone to racing. Sahiba says to Daljeet and Akir that they are not going to eat food today and says that is their punishment today. Bebe comes and asks Sahiba to forgive Daljeet and Akir as they already apologise to her. Akir sees sweet and tries to taste them but Sahiba stops Akir saying he will not eat it. Daljeet asks Sahiba to allow Akir to eat it. Sahiba doesn’t agree to it and saying she made this food. Akir reminds Sahiba that a few dishes have been made by Daljeet. Daljeet agrees and says no one can stop his son from eating sweets. Akir eats the sweets. Sahiba gets even more upset seeing this and leaves from there. Daljeet and Akir think of how to cheer up Sahiba.

All the Brars are shown to be preparing for Simran’s birthday party. Jabjyot thinks of how long will she have to live as Akaal has already left them a long time ago. Jasleen and Manveer ask Jabjyot not to speak like that. Simran returns home.

Manveer asks Simran where were they. Simran says she played Holi with her friends and nothing more than that. Angad also returns home.

Daljeet later gets an idea on how to seek Sahiba’s forgiveness. Daljeet reminds Akir that on every Holi, Sahiba applies colour with Akir’s hand first and they didn’t do it today as they went to the race. Akir agrees. Akir comes and applies coconut oil to Sahiba. Sahiba asks Akir what is he doing. Akir says he is applying coconut oil so that the colour will go away easily when she plays Holi. Sahiba seeing Akir’s care for her forgives Akir. Sahiba and Akir apply colour to each other. Sahiba still doesn’t forgive Daljeet.

Manveer questions Angad about his altercation with the harassers. Angad says they were harassing Simran so he taught them a lesson. Manveer comments on his behaviour. Angad says he thinks what he did is right as if Inder is alive he would have said that Angad is right.

Akir gives an idea to Daljeet to seek Sahiba’s forgiveness. Daljeet does sit-ups to seek Sahiba’s forgiveness. Sahiba seeing this forgives Daljeet. Sahiba later plays Holi with them.

Angad says to Jabjyot his reason for beating up those harassers. Angad says his family comes first before anything else. Angad says he made a mistake by allowing a a non family member come so close to him and they lost one of the important family members. Angad says he will not repeat that mistake again.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Sahiba plays with her son. Sahiba’s son sees that his father came so he greets him. It is shown Sahiba’s husband is not Angad. Angad visits Sahiba’s house as a guest.

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