Teri Meri Doriyaann 26th January 2024 Written Update Part 2: Veer and Kirat celebrate their pre-engagement ceremony

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The episode starts with Angad bringing Veer onto the stage. Sahiba brings Kirat onto the stage. Veer gets upset seeing Kirat came in such a simple clothes to her pre wedding ceremony.


Angad comes to Sahiba and says they agreed to not to talk about what they will do in their lives but she doesn’t think she should tell him before she takes this kind of a big decision. Sahiba asks Angad what was he talking about. Angad asks Sahiba if she thinks he will not be able to find out if she doesn’t tell him. Sahiba asks Angad to find out if he can.

Jabjyot calls Angad and a Sahiba. Jabjyot announces to all the family embers that Angad and Sahiba will do their pre engagement ceremony along with Veer and Kirat.

Ajith and Santosh bless Angad and Sahiba. Angad and Sahiba recall about the recent events that happened in between them. Jabjyot asks Manveer and Inder to offer Chunri to Sahiba. Manveer offers Chunri to Sahiba. Inder blesses both Angad and Sahiba. Akaal and Jabjyot bless Angad and Sahiba. Jabjyot puts Sahiba and Angad’s hands in each other’s hands.

Angad says to everyone that they should start the Veer and Kirat’s pre-engagement ceremony.

Veer and Kirat sit on stage. Jabjyot asks Gurleen to do to the ritual. Jaspal and Gurleen get on the stage. Gurleen offers Chunri to Kirat.

Later the Brar family and Monga family give gifts to Kirat and Veer one by one. Manveer shows to Gurleen that Veer is not looking happy as he might not be satisfied with the Monga’s gifts. Gurleen asks Veer not to feel sad as Monga’s brought great gifts on Angad and Seerat’s pre engagement ceremony as they were showing off that they were rich people but now that the truth is out they are showing their true colours. Sahiba asks Ajith and Santosh not to mind Gurleen’s words.

Angad explains to Gurleen that if Ajith is capable of bringing the stars he would have done it. Angad says to Gurleen that they have done more than they can do for their daughter. Angad says to Gurleen that they should not mind that the gifts are big and small as they are giving their most priced possession to us and it’s Kirat. Akaal praises Angad’s words. Ajith thanks Angad for his words and even he can’t explain better than him. Angad says he learnt about how much a father would do for their daughter when Sahiba designed a project for his company. Jabjyot says to everyone that Sahiba makes Angad better and praises their pair. Sahiba comes to Angad and thanks him for respecting her family and not taking out his hate for her on them. Angad says they haven’t done anything to him.

Veer announces to Angad and Sahiba that he planned a small party on the occasion of his pre engagement ceremony and invites Angad and Sahiba for that party. Angad and Sahiba agree to it.

Veer in the party introduces Kirat to his friends. Veer’s friends learn that Kirat is a wrestler and comment on her. Veer’s friends ask Veer if he called Sasha. Veer recalls Angad’s warning to stay away from Sasha. Veer says Kirat doesn’t like Sasha so he hasn’t called her. Veer later leaves from there.

Veer offers alcohol to Kirat. Kirat says she doesn’t have a habit of drinking alcohol. Veer asks Kirat to make a habit as she is going to be a wife of a superstar. Sahiba comes and asks Veer why is he forcing Kirat when she doesn’t like it. Veer says to Sahiba that he is just asking Kirat to learn how to enjoy with him. Sahiba says she can enjoy even without drinking.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Angad brings Sahiba to a lawyer. Sahiba asks Angad why did they come here. Angad says they came here to file for divorce. The lawyer asks Angad if they really want a divorce. Angad says yes.

Sahiba says to Angad that she would like to tell him before it’s too late. Sahiba says to Angad that she loves him in front of the entire Brar family. Angad takes Sahiba to a side and asks Sahiba if it is what she said is true. Sahiba says he can think what he wants and says she told what she to say.

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