Teri Meri Doriyaann 26th January 2024 Written Update Part 1: Jabjyot gives a surprise to Angad and Sahiba

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The episode starts with Ajith and Santosh praising Angad. Santosh says she hopes that Veer and Kirat’s relationship will be like Angad and Sahiba’s. Angad says to Sahiba that he would like to talk to her. Prabjyot and Hansraj tease Angad and Sahiba.


Angad takes Sahiba away from there. Seerat thinks this is the effect of the photo. Seerat comes to Kirat and takes her away from there.

Sahiba asks Angad what was he doing before. Angad asks Sahiba what was she doing the whole day. Sahiba reminds Angad that in the not to do list he has written that Sahiba should not ask Angad where is she going or what was she doing. Sahiba asks Angad why should she tell him. Sahiba asks Angad to move aside. Jaspal comes and asks Angad and Sahiba to go and bring Kirat and Veer. Angad and Sahiba leave from there.

Seerat suggests to Kirat that this kind of light dress is not good for the pre engagement ceremony. Seerat shows her pre engagement ceremony photos and says there is a lot of difference between her and Kirat. Kirat says she doesn’t want to be like Seerat, she just wants to be herself. Seerat argues with Kirat saying this dress is not good for pre engagement ceremony. Sahiba comes and says this dress is good and asks Kirat not to mind Seerat’s words. Sahiba says to Kirat that she really likes this dress. Sahiba asks Kirat if Veer selected this dress. Kirat stays silent.

Angad brings Veer to the stage. Sahiba brings Kirat onto the stage. Veer gets disappointed seeing Kirat’s dress. Veer and Kirat sit beside each other.

Veer asks Kirat where did she got this kind of dress. Kirat says she bought this dress from the designer store he recommended to her. Veer says to Kirat that she shouldn’t have worn this simple dress for pre engagement ceremony. Kirat says he should have come with her if he had a problem with the dress or at least replied to her messages. Veer asks Kirat not to create a scene and keep her mouth shut.

Angad comes to Sahiba and asks Sahiba if she doesn’t think she should have told him before taking this kind of step. Sahiba asks Angad what was he talking about.

Jabjyot calls Angad and Sahiba and says to them that she has decided to do Sahiba and Angad’s pre engagement ceremony. Angad reminds Jabjyot that they are already married. Jabjyot says they are married but they haven’t done any of the marriage rituals properly at that time. Akaal praises Jabjyot for her idea. Akaal says to Everyone that they should Angad and Sahiba’s pre engagement ceremony at the beginning. Everyone agrees. Veer and Kirat take Angad and Sahiba and take them to the stage.

Episode ends.

Precap:-Angad brings Sahiba to a lawyer. Sahiba asks Angad why did they come here. Angad says they came here to file for divorce. The lawyer asks Angad if they really want a divorce. Angad says yes.

Sahiba says to Angad that she would like to tell him before it’s too late. Sahiba says to Angad that she loves him infront of the entire Brar family. Angad takes Sahiba to a side and asks Sahiba if it is what she said is true. Sahiba says he can think what he wants and says she told what she to say.

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